EC3 believes stigma attached to Control Your Narrative did damage to his career

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The brand had a stigma to it that EC3 feels was not in his favor. 

Coming up on August 27th on night two of NWA 75, EC3 will have the opportunity to capture his first World Title since 2016. He’ll be challenging Tyrus for the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship in a Bull Rope match. The stipulation is that if Tyrus loses, he’ll retire from in-ring competition

To promote the pay-per-view and his title bout, EC3 guest appeared on Jason Powell’s Pro Wrestling Boom podcast. While the topic of conversation was Control Your Narrative, EC3 was asked if he thinks the stigma attached to the brand hurt his career. 

He agrees that it did, but he does not need to change anything because he did nothing wrong. EC3 said those in the wrestling business who know him will vouch for him as a person and talent. 

Yes (the stigma around Control Your Narrative damaged my career)… because people that know me and know me very well were so afraid of the political climate, knowing exactly who I am and truly am as a person, that they would not talk about it. So having advocates in all walks of life within this industry that are afraid to speak, they also too don’t want to take residual backlash on something that’s not true and completely made up. That hurts and that strains relationships… I don’t need to try to do anything (to change it). I’ve done nothing wrong. I apologized for nothing, I’ve done nothing wrong. I continue to live my life to the best of my personal ability by doing great things for other people and I think you have any conversation with anybody who interacts with me in this industry, they will know and say and vouch for my character as a man and a talent.

Earlier this year, EC3 weighed in on the direction that Control Your Narrative was headed when him and Braun Strowman were at the helm. To read his comments, click here.

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He attacked the whole industry and now that his project didn’t work it’s everyone else’s fault that they’re responding to said attacks by steering clear?



I mean with him and Braun we aren’t dealing with anything resembling a genius here. It was bound to be nothing more than a joke


In other news: water is wet.

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