EC3 was not contacted for IMPACT Wrestling 1000

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The NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion speaks about not being contacted for IMPACT 1000. 

Part two of IMPACT Wrestling 1000 is airing on 9/20 and it is going to be headlined by a 10-woman all-star tag team match. Among those that appeared on week one were Kia Stevens (Awesome Kong), Mickie James, The Beautiful People (Angelina Love & Velvet Sky), America’s Most Wanted (James Storm & Chris Harris) and more names from the past, present and future of IMPACT.

The reigning NWA and multi-time TNA World Heavyweight Champion EC3 was not contacted for the taping and he spoke about that on Sportskeeda’s The Wrestling Outlaws show. He mentioned the accolades he added to his résumé while in the company, but said he’s sure it was a good show. 

No (on if he was contacted about appearing at IMPACT 1000). Billy Corgan would really do anything that would help the brand identity and build up different things. As far as IMPACT, I have no idea. But no, I didn’t get contacted despite being the only person who went undefeated for two-plus years, has two world titles, and be the sweet, sweet nephew of one of the former owners, you know? But I’m sure it was a really good show, which I’ll never watch because I never watch any shows.

EC3 returned to IMPACT in 2020 and had a program with Moose that concluded at Bound For Glory.

Coming up for EC3 is a defense of the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Title at the organization’s Samhain pay-per-view on 10/28.