ECCW Ballroom Brawl E11EVEN in Vancouver

Anyone here from Vancouver who’s excited for this? For those who aren’t from the area, Vancouver is incredibly starved for good wrestling. In the last few years, ECCW has teamed up with Seattle’s Defy to bring people to the Pacific Northwest, and we’ve finally gotten to see some fantastic talent, but generally speaking, it’s been only one or two for a bigger show.

This January, they’re being incredibly ambitious, and having a 2night show, and are still announcing the talent. The heavyweight champion who’s conquered the UK scene El Phantasmo is returning, and so far they’ve announced Brian Cage(who has repeatedly gone out of his way to put over ELP as one of his favorite opponents ever), PCO, Nicole Savoy(to face Nicole Matthews), Chase Owens, Bandido and Flamita.

I’m so excited for this weekend, it’s going to be amazing. Anyone else going?

Yes indeed! Picked up second row tickets with some friends. Will be very happy to give a hero’s welcome to El-P, and the news that Flamita and Bandito are in a 1-on-1 match (rather than making cameos in a six man) is welcome news.

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I got my ticket today for night 2 and really looking forward to it, even though PCO and Bandito are off the cards. Is anything official other than the two four-ways? Is Cage v El Phantasmo happening on night 2?

So far the cards have been released as such:

Night one:
-Wisemen vs Voros Twins vs Andy Bird & King of the Yukon vs Legacy & Beef TLC for the Tag Team Championship
-Nicole Matthews vs Nicole Savoy for the Women’s Championship
-ELP vs Artie Spencar for the ECCW Championship
-Flamita vs Rey Horus
-Eddie Osborne vs B-Boy in a Street fight for the Canadian Championship
Chase Owens and Darby Allin will have matches as well, but they haven’t been announced.

Night Two
-ELP vs Cage
-Chase Owens, Fergie & ReLoaded vs Shreddz, West, Icarus & Ladies Choice
-Darby Allin vs Ravenous Randy vs Bishop vs Tony Baroni No Rules 4 way
-Eddie Osborne vs Artie Spencer vs Rey Horus vs Flamita
-Nicole Matthews vs Riea Von Slasher

Well, that certainly wasn’t the card that we ended up with, but it was still a fun pair of shows. Was great to see that Vancouver finally does see Artie on the same level as El-P - while El-P’s charisma and work are undeniable, I’ve always felt like Artie was a bit in his shadow.

Given all of the chaos regarding last minutes scratches and substitutions, I really have to take my hat off to Kazarian and especially B-Boy for coming in at the last minute and adding some veteran glue and stability to everything. B-Boy didn’t have to go that hard, but it seemed like he was aware of how many big names had dropped off and went the extra mile. Hope his head’s okay after that hematoma.

Artie/El-P was definitely my match of the weekend, but there was plenty of other fun stuff as well, and the sheer novelty of Owens v Kaz and Owens v Horus was pretty cool. Other thoughts/highlights?

Thought that Owens vs Horus, and TLC got honorable mentions, but ELP vs Artie was my MoTN for Night 1.

Night 2 I think was really good, but didn’t live up to night one, but man that main event was hot. And I thought the 4 way with Darby Allin and B-Boy was quite entertaining. Darby was another late replacement, and I thought he did an exceptional job.

I hate that I kinda felt a bit shitty about these two nights, cuz they were possibly the best Ballroom Brawl cards we’ve ever seen, but they were definitely not as great as they would have been had we gotten the original card. And the fact that they didn’t sell out means they did need to announce people. Just unfortunate set of circumstances.

My first Ballroom Brawl and had a fantastic time. Only went to night 2 and, while all the changes to the card were disappointing, still thought it was a good show. The main event 4-way was definitely match of the night; also thought Kazarian vs Owens was really good, I just wasn’t crazy about the finish.

Overall for my first ECCW experience I will definitely be back for the March 9th show with Jeff Cobb.

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What an awesome show for a first BB. I’ve gone to all of them, and while I’d say ELP vs either Cage or Kyle O’Reilly are my favorite one off matches, these two nights had to be the best top to bottom cards they’ve had.

Pac Cup is awesome times. One night tourney, and Cobb coming in is awesome news. Last year they had a new up and comer Erik Strange who was clearly getting a rocket strapped to him, only to have the final spot of the evening be a 450 that he just ever so slightly missed, causing him to land directly on his neck, and cause serious damage. Everyone was stunned, and just left the building in silence. Very much looking forward to getting that bad taste out of my mouth with a new Pac Cup this year. :smiley:

Yeah, I’m always down for Pac Cup action but that Strange botch was the most horrifying thing I’ve ever seen in wrestling. Legit thought that he had paralyzed himself.

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I was genuinely blown away a month later at the anniversary show when he walked out perfectly fine, and even more so when he was only talking about how he had been concussed, no talk about being lucky to ever walk again.