Eddie Edwards recalls being fired from Ring of Honor for 'a few minutes'

Originally published at Eddie Edwards recalls being fired from Ring of Honor for 'a few minutes'

Edwards was asked to share a story about Jim Cornette. 

Guest appearing on Café De René was two-time IMPACT World Champion Eddie Edwards. Prior to his tenure in IMPACT Wrestling, Edwards had been with Ring of Honor for seven years. 

Edwards was asked to share a story about Jim Cornette, who during Edwards’ time in Ring of Honor, served as an Executive Producer and took over as lead booker in 2012. Eddie shared that Cornette fired him for ‘a few minutes’. 

He was minutes late for a run-in and when he returned to the backstage area, Cornette was not happy. Edwards said Cornette told him he was fired but apologized shortly after. He added that Cornette kicked a container and hurt his foot. 

Jim (Cornette) fired me one time, for a few minutes (Edwards laughed). We were in Baltimore doing a TV taping and I was supposed to do a run-in but the locker room is on the other side of the arena. So, I don’t know what’s going down in the ring at the time. I wasn’t paying attention but my spot where I was supposed to run in was going on, I had no idea. So somebody runs and gets me so apparently, this beat down was happening in the ring for three minutes before I finally made the run-in. I run in, whatever, get to the back, Cornette’s freaking out. ‘Oh God damn it Eddie,’ you know, yelling and screaming, he’s kicking things. He’s like, ‘You know what? You’re fired, you’re fired.’ I was like, alright and literally 30 seconds later, he’s like, ‘Man, I’m sorry, I’m sorry’ and then he was all good. I let him cool off a little bit. You know, Jim style. He kicked one of those, you know, the rolling containers that carries all of the equipment. He kicked one of those, hurt himself… I always got along with Jim, I always liked Jim, always got along with him so, that’s my one good Cornette story from him.

Edwards headlined the most recent episode of IMPACT Wrestling on AXS. He accidentally superkicked Frankie Kazarian which cost them their tag match. 

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