Eddie Kingston vs. Gabriel Kidd, TJP vs. The DKC set for 1/8 NJPW STRONG

Originally published at https://www.postwrestling.com/2022/01/03/eddie-kingston-vs-gabriel-kidd-tjp-vs-the-dkc-set-for-1-8-njpw-strong/

Three matches announced for this week’s STRONG.

The weekly NJPW STRONG program is back on January 8th after a one-week hiatus. Headlining this week’s show is a singles match between Eddie Kingston and Gabriel Kidd that was taped at the STRONG ‘Nemesis’ taping from December 9th.

Below are the first batch of matches airing from that taping:

  • The DKC vs. TJP
  • Keita Murray & Jordan Clearwater vs. Hikuleo & Chris Bey
  • Gabriel Kidd vs. Eddie Kingston

#njpwSTRONG returns Saturday 8/7c on NJPW World and FITE!

Nemesis sees heated action from Hollywood!

Gabriel Kidd vs Eddie Kingston a phenomenal main event!https://t.co/twqRm0wRJT#njnemesis pic.twitter.com/b3ML96dyH9

— NJPW Global (@njpwglobal) January 4, 2022

The NJPW STRONG ‘Nemesis’ taping in California also featured a singles match between Jay White and Christopher Daniels.