Edge confirms end date of WWE contract, says he is ‘torn’ about the future

Originally published at Edge confirms end date of WWE contract, says he is ‘torn’ about the future

Edge has confirmed in an interview that his contract with WWE expires at the end of September and that he is “torn” about what is next.

He was speaking with Ailish Forfar and Justin Cuthbert on Sportsnet’s The Fan ‘Morning Show’.

During the interview, which was conducted on Thursday, Edge also said that the doctors who disqualified him from competing are “still dumbfounded” at his recovery.

After talking a little about Toronto sports, Edge was asked about his excitement ahead of SmackDown. He said:

It’s all the cliches, it really is. I’ve had so many, you know, what would seem storybook cliches happen to me over the years. I look at it and 25 years with WWE, like, that’s about four lifetimes, because wrestling life is in dog years.

And man, I just looked back to the beginning and it all just kind of unfolds in your brain. So to be here, to have it commemorated in Toronto, obviously is just insanely special to me, because Toronto’s where it all started.

I trained down in Jameson Avenue at Sully’s Gym and knocked around Toronto while I was trying to cut my teeth and get experience and try to do this thing. It all is just really surreal at times.

My girls are flying up with me and my life’s gonna be there, college friends, my high school friends, public school friends. I really want it to be a celebration and the fact that I get to work with Sheamo — he’s a guy that’s been with the company about 15 years and we’ve never had that one-on-one match.

We’re very close, very tight. Everything I said on our show on Friday is true. He was the catalyst for me getting this career back and getting this last chapter back and getting it to see it out on my terms. He’s the reason I got it back. So to share it with him as well is, it’s just really cool.

I don’t know how to say it. I’m just so ecstatic and, but I’m also going to be relieved when I get back to the locker room and can just take a deep breath.

Edge was then asked whether he had one most rewarding moment in his career.

I mean, maybe because it’s so recent, but the return at the Royal Rumble is going to top everything, and I think that’s just always going to be the case because it just wasn’t supposed to happen. You know, the surgeons and the ones who medically disqualified me are still kind of dumbfounded how it is happening. So I think just to conquer that challenge honestly, for me personally, that makes it the top of the list, because if you watch that back when I come to the ring, that’s Adam Copeland.

That’s unvarnished, no filter. You’re seeing everything go across this guy’s face that started watching this at 10 years old and dreamed of doing it and drew in art class his gear that he was going to wear to the ring and, you know, who would map out and start imagining ideas for matches against certain wrestlers and the teacher would call on him and like, “Oh, sorry, I was just thinking about a match versus Owen Hart”. I’m that kid, so that moment to get all of that back and kind of grasp it, you can see it all in my eyes and that will always be the most special thing for me, I think.

At the end of the conversation, Edge confirmed that his contract with WWE was about to expire and that the match with Sheamus was the last on that contract. He was asked whether he had thought about what is next.

I can’t say I haven’t thought about it. I have for sure. But I realized I haven’t come to any conclusions. And I’m kind of torn, honestly, because I don’t want to do this to the point where I don’t feel like I’m able to have the output that I want.

Only I know how I feel when I’m deep into a match and go, “Oh, man, okay. I didn’t do enough cardio.” Or, “Man, I did all that cardio and I still feel this way”. So that’s why I really want to collect myself after this thing, take a just a big old deep breath and just decide what that is.

You know, my contract’s up at the end of September. This is my last contracted match, so I have a lot of decisions to make but I can’t do it now. I think I’ve almost got to see how Friday goes in a weird way.

I know that’s not a clear answer but I don’t have it yet.

What do you think Nell? Where is ole Copes headed? Northern Ireland? The irie? The emerites? Hati? Deerborn? C’mon Nell give us the scoop see let us in see is he going to Adam Joyce flat? C’mon Nell

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I’m pretty sure he’s headed for Kilmarnock. I’ll work my sources, Brandon. 🕵🏻‍♂️


If he’s got some “bucket list” matches left, I’d assume he goes the AEW route. Maybe not full-on “Adam Copeland is All Elite” but a few matches to close out his career.

But nothing would surprise me. He showed a decade ago that he’s not a mark for himself. He can exist without being an active wrestler.

I could see that, at the same time certain performers that are in one place pretty much their entire careers seem to have a tendency to want not want to finish elsewhere. Like an athlete who wants to retire on the team they played for their entire career. If he were AJ for example, I’d see going to AEW as a lock. With edge, I have a feeling I’m he’s likely very conflicted which is what reports are saying as well.

I do wonder what Adam personally thinks about the AEW product, actually. Does he see it as a great alternative or does he see it as it’s beneath him and it’s the ‘minor leagues.’

Im sure he respects the product, especially since his BFF is there and is seemingly happy. I guess you never know though.

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WWE only got interested in Edge when he started talking to AEW. And the way he was booked on this return definitely shows that.

Would like to see him outside of the WWE bubble.

Why not Deerborn, he should ask Wai for dinner recommendations

Such a great stadium! (Kilmarnock FC)

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he’s also like 50 years old – I’m not sure if he wants to put on banger reckless bloody matches anymore like he may have wanted to do it three years ago. He probably also wants to save his body a little for retirement. He looks like he has pretty young children for someone that age so I imagine he’s not gonna want to sacrifice that so he can have a blood and guts match.

I’m sure the allure with his best friend will always pull him a little, but ultimately - I feel like other than maybe a one off or some thing I don’t see him going there and wrestling as much as the other old guys.

Tony Khan will accommodate any schedule he wants and pay him a lot. He will also get to work with friends like Christian, FTR, Jericho, etc. I can definitely see it happening. Don’t think WWE ever really wanted him back in the first place so I think they won’t care.

Maybe. He’s also 50. He’s said many times he doesn’t want to be that guy who stayed too long and he only ever came back to go out on his own terms.

He’s not a huge ratings guy so I doubt WWE cares.

Sometimes it’s just time to retire

Sting’s ability to have an incrediblely entertaining and legacy enhancing run in AEW, makes me doubt age being a factor against anybody younger than him in better physical shape, from doing the same.

Again, I’m not saying he can’t do it. It’s more case of does he want to. Not every 50 year old wants to beat themselves up when they’ve already had a Hall of Fame run and made millions.

That’s why there’s only a couple of guys doing it. A lot of guys at that age just want to go into acting or take it easy or enjoy their families.

Sting is also guy who’s had numerous drug issues and messed up his life far worse than Edge has. They’re not remotely the same person. Edge is clearly an extremely devoted dad to young children.

Like I’m not saying he can’t do it I’m just saying maybe he doesn’t want to


WWE and AEW aren’t Adam Copeland’s only options. He’s not a Hollywood megastar like Dwayne Johnson or Dave Batista but he’s had steady work for several years now on TV shows.

And he’s playing Ares in the upcoming Percy Jackson Disney+ series. If the series is a hit then he could be very busy because there’s like 15 Percy Jackson books and spin-offs.


This is actually the route I see him going…I could see one last storyline/run with Christian at some point, but I have a feeling that for the here and now he’s going to be doing a lot more acting. He should, he’s good at it.


Is he though? I just get too much Edge vibe from the pic. I wish there was a little bit different, but he looks like he just left Smackdown and went onto the set. This is why I cant get into any of The Rocks movies. He just reminds me of The Rock in every movie.

I’ll be watching the show though.


Well he did change his look from before and after filming the show. When he re-appeared at the 2023 Royal Rumble with the short haircut it was pretty different than the long-haired Edge of 2022.

It’s just that we have been watching him with the TV show “look” for several months.