Edge kicked out of The Judgment Day, Ripley & Priest align with Finn Balor on 6/6 WWE Raw

Originally published at Edge kicked out of The Judgment Day, Ripley & Priest align with Finn Balor on 6/6 WWE Raw

Edge removed from his position in The Judgment Day.

It was promoted throughout the 6/6 episode of Monday Night Raw that another addition to Edge, Rhea Ripley and Damian Priest’s Judgment Day faction was coming. They introduced Finn Balor to the ring, who along with AJ Styles and Liv Morgan, fell in defeat to The Judgment in a mixed trios match at Hell in a Cell.

As they were all in the ring together, Priest stated that he and Rhea were looking to rid of one last thing that was holding them back and they then ambushed Edge.

The attack concluded with Priest connecting a con-chair-to onto Edge.

WHAT IS GOING ON?????????@EdgeRatedR has been betrayed by #TheJudgmentDay!#WWERaw pic.twitter.com/wItHWWKtX8

— WWE (@WWE) June 7, 2022

WHY?@FinnBalor @ArcherofInfamy @RheaRipley_WWE #WWERaw pic.twitter.com/KhcLpH4B8H

— WWE (@WWE) June 7, 2022

#TheJudgmentDay just terminated @EdgeRatedR.#WWERaw pic.twitter.com/7J99LSjqGQ

— WWE (@WWE) June 7, 2022

The Judgment Day was first formed when Priest helped Edge defeat AJ Styles at WrestleMania 38. Ripley was added to the group at WrestleMania Backlash.

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Not watching but this is a straight up Russo swerve. At least they have cut their losses, this stable and character change from Edge was just not working at all.

Wait, so Rhea and Priest who had just won a match against former WWE/Universal Champions (and Liv) decided that the thing holding them back was the Hall of Famer who helped them win, revived their floundering characters, and pinned Balor. Then to boot, the guy they replaced Edge with is the guy Edge actually beat in the match. So they replaced the HOF winner of the match with the loser of the match and that is going to stop holding them back despite the fact they were winning already.

When I think I’m stupid, I can always count on WWE to make sure there are dumber characters than me. I guess that is a value add for keeping up with anything they do.

I’m sure this was way better if I would have watched it live. (I did watch HiaC and saw them win).


I think it is pretty much the Trash TV formula. Have the most stupid characters possible on the screen so the consumer newer feels inferior and in addition even smarter than the people they are watching. Finally: Hot chicks with few clothes to round up the cocktail.

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This whole WWE puppet show is becoming less interesting every week. McMahon needs serious advice……

I haven’t read or heard anything about this yet so sorry if this has already been said, but I would have to imagine this is a knee jerk reaction to the Cody injury. With the biggest babyface on the planet going out with an injury WWE just took a huge loss, especially on Raw. Finn was floundering and as babyface (no fault of his own), so I’m thinking the logic is put him in charge of this stable where he can be elevated and move Edge back to being a babyface where they know he will work. Its definitely kind of weird for Edge to go back to babyface so quickly, and I wish it was a slower transition, but I understand the logic.

The negative, with Edge out of the stable I feel they will just become the next Retribution as loosing him takes away that main event feel the group had. I realize some shit on this group, but Edge did give it a main event feeling.

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Meltzer says Edge didn’t like the “supernatural” direction that WWE wanted to take the group in and I don’t blame him. This is going to be bad, really bad. It’ll basically be a spooky Retribution.

I bet Edge wishes he’d signed with AEW. His return has been mostly botched and this year especially has been a total waste of time.