Edge says the entire WWE locker room is “super excited” at “really fun time” in the company

Originally published at Edge says the entire WWE locker room is “super excited” at “really fun time” in the company

Speaking about Paul Levesque taking the creative reins at WWE, Edge has said that the roster is “super excited” and that it is a “really fun time” to be involved with the company.

In a wide-ranging interview with Bleacher Report, Edge (Adam Copeland) also gave his thoughts on his upcoming Raw match in Toronto, his recent heel turn, and his enduring friendship with Christian.

On the current state of play with WWE creative, Copeland said:

I’ve had a lot of creative input and that’s having 25 years of equity with the company. In that regard, it doesn’t change a lot, but what’s so fun to see is that it’s going dressing room-wide now and that’s really cool. I think everyone feels super excited and stoked and just ready to see how certain things go. You can already see that’s happening.

I think Paul . It’s a really fun time to be involved with the company.

Turning to the upcoming match with Damian Priest in Toronto on Monday night, he added:

I sat down with Paul and I saw that Toronto was coming…It felt like the perfect opportunity to do what we kind of used to do, which was promote a Raw match almost a month in advance. I thought it seemed like the perfect opportunity and a special moment, too.

It’s the kind of stuff you get in the industry to do, nights like this coming up. To say I’m excited would be a bit of an understatement.

Addressing his heel turn ahead of WrestleMania, Copeland admitted that it was not a direction he had envisaged, instead favoring a babyface vs. babyface match with AJ Styles. However, he said he did his best to “figure it out”:

I have to lose the music because people love it…Then it was going out and getting 30 suits made, which I will now never wear again. It was trying to change every aspect. It was cutting the hair and every semblance of the Edge they’ve been enjoying and trying to reinvent this thing, which was a big challenge almost 30 years into my career.

I think we were starting to make some headway, truthfully. At Hell in a Cell, I said, ‘Oh, OK, they’re starting to buy in a little bit.’ And then the next day we did the flip. I knew going into that match it was happening, so it was bittersweet because in terms of the talent involved in Judgment Day, I believed in all of them. It would have been cool to be a mentor to that, but it’s equally cool to be opposite of it and play off of that.

On his lifelong friend Christian Cage (Jay Reso), Copeland said they keep in constant contact and are “blessed” to be still doing what they love:

We’re both having a blast, man. I just talked to him today and the fact that we’re both back doing this when we were never supposed to, and feel like we’re contributing too, that’s huge for us because we take pride in what we do. It’s just fun. It’s still surreal and I don’t want to lose that.