Edge says there are ‘no hard feelings’ with WWE, he has a contract extension ‘in his inbox’

Originally published at Edge says there are ‘no hard feelings’ with WWE, he has a contract extension ‘in his inbox’

Amid speculation over his future in wrestling, Edge has taken the opportunity to clarify where things stand.

The 49-year-old posted a video to social media on Thursday. In it, he says that WWE is his “dream gig” and that he has a contract extension offer but does not know what to do.

He added that SmackDown this past Friday was the “highlight of his career” and was not sure whether it could be topped.

In full, he said:

Morning everybody. This is how I look in the morning, it’s not pretty, but I need my coffee for this.

So I woke up to a bunch of voicemails, texts and everything from actual friends and family, wondering what’s going on and concerned and, blah blah blah. So I just figured I’d better address it.

There’s nothing going on. There’s no hard feelings between me and WWE. I love WWE. It’s my dream gig. It’s all I ever wanted to do. And I didn’t come at them with some crazy contract or anything; they didn’t deny me.

I have a contract extension sitting in my inbox. I just don’t know what to do. You know, the first time I had to retire, it was forced and this time, the choice is in my lap, and it’s a lot harder.

WWE gave me that night, Friday night in Toronto, and it was the best night of my career. You know, a lot of people will say you should retire at WrestleMania or this or that, but it’s not their career. That Friday night was really special for me, and I don’t know if that can be topped, to be perfectly honest.

And if we think we can, then great. But I need to sit with it and just know that whatever it is that I do, whether it’s Percy Jackson, which is coming up soon, or it’s wrestling or it’s sitting in my rocking chair, it’s because I’m having fun and having fun at this stage of my life and raising my kids are the two most important things. So I hope that clears stuff up. I’m gonna go back to my coffee. See ya.

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— Adam (Edge) Copeland (@EdgeRatedR) August 24, 2023

I don’t know if this has been explicitly stated by Edge, but everything I’ve read points toward the following:

He knew the offer that was coming from AEW, so he tried to get WWE to match/top it and they didn’t.

That’s business. And only in wrestling will people try to turn it into something more. WWE knows he’s potentially going to AEW, and while I’m sure they’re not thrilled, they very consciously chose not to stop it (this time). If AEW can get their money’s worth, more power to them. I’m just looking forward to possibly seeing him and Christian in the ring together again… though it will be weird to hear him called something other than “Edge”. It’s like Undertaker or CM Punk… not even a gimmick name anymore, just a very weird “real name“.

Got to love the internet. The truth, nobody knows what is going on lol

Wrestlemania. Edge. Cena. Orton. 3 way retirement match.


This is why I ignore all but POST. Can’t be bothered with rumour and gossip.

I’ll say I think he’ll end up in AEW though after some time away doing telly

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I can’t say you’re wrong. Some reporters definitely get it right more then others, but sometimes it seems it’s just people reporting on what sources are guessing.

Ahead of his 2020 surprise return in the Rumble, Edge did nearly the exact same thing. He claimed that people were reporting he was medically cleared, and was returning, etc - but said it was all bullshit, and no truth to it. Within a week or two, he was back.


All this to say… He’s a worker. He’s gonna work.
I feel it’s safe to assume there is smoke to this fire.

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Ditto… I don’t disbelieve Wade, SRS, Dave or Mike Johnson completely on anything. Because nothing is impossible.

I don’t get the impression that he’s denying that he may leave, I think it’s more so addressing the rumour that WWE refused to offer him a contract. With that’s said, I agree that anything a wrestler says should be taken with a grain of salt.

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Here is the video…I think he’s telling the truth. I think he’s truly conflicted, but you never know.

Sounds like WWE did give him a contract but he didn’t like it and AEW might be better. Less dates, comparable $$, and doesn’t hurt that Christian and the Hardys are over there

If he goes to AEW doing something with Christian would be cool, but please please please dont do a Hardy’s match. I have no desire to see that in 2023.