Effy’s Big Gay Brunch 4 Report: Effy vs. Pimpinela, Allie Katch vs. Dango

Originally published at EFFY’s Big Gay Brunch 4 Report: Effy vs. Pimpinela, Allie Katch vs. Dango

EFFY’s Big Gay Brunch 4

Saturday, April 2, 2022, Fair Park, Dallas, Texas

By: Jon Pine

This review is dedicated to the memory of the late Fez Whatley. A trailblazing radio legend, loving friend, brother, and uncle, a true comedy genius, and die-hard wrestling fan. Thank you for the laughs and memories. We all love and miss you big cat.

Fez Whatley 1964-2021

“It’s a tough league to get a hit in.”

Spoiler Free Match Recommendation:

Jai Vidal vs. Carlos Romos
Dark Sheik vs. Parrow
Allie Katch vs. Dango

EFFY’s Big Gay Brunch 4 Results:

Commentary: Kevin Gill and Val Capone
Host: Pollo Del Mar
Ring Announcer: JRose

For all who are willing to Spend a Buck, this was a fantastic show from top to bottom that really captured the spirit and essence of the LGBTQ+ wrestling community. This is always one of my favorite events of the year because it showcases all that is good about the wrestling world. EFFY has truly transformed the landscape into a more tolerable and accepting community. Wrestling is Wrestling, LGBTQ+ rights are human rights. If you can’t understand that, you’re not a good person and you’re on the wrong side of history, it’s that simple.

Right off the bat, Pollo Del Mar mentioned the restrictive and archaic laws that Texas has put in place that directly target the LGBTQ+ community, she mentioned that the best way to fight back is through visibility, showing up, and showing out. She noted that LGBTQ+ wrestling is just wrestling.

Non-Title Singles Match: FSW No Limit Champion and the PCW Ultralight Champion Jai Vidal vs. Carlos Romo

The match started off quickly with both men trying to gain the advantage over their opponent, Vidal was successful in grounding the native of Spain, Carlos Romo. Both men stood up and faced off once again in the center of the ring and started exchanging some chops and shoulder tackles; Vidal was able to double stomp the back of Romo’s neck. Vidal brought Romo to each corner as he laid in some shops on the pale Romo, Romo bailed to the floor and was taken out by Vidal who hit a series of running dives. Vidal slapped Romo, but Romo didn’t take too kindly to that offense and hit Vidal with a running boot followed by some stiff kicks to his downed opponent’s back. Romo shot Vidal off the ropes and connected with a ferocious knee which resulted in a two-count, Romo continued to beat down Vidal with a series of strikes and suplexes but he was once again only able to register a two count. Jay Vidal is a tremendous prospect who continually shines in Game Changer Wrestling’s feeder promotion, LA Fights. Romo was able to cut off Vidal’s momentum, locking him in an ankle lock followed by a leaping dropkick for another near fall. Romo climbed to the top rope and went for a moonsault but no one was home. This gave Vidal the opening he needed to hit a brainbuster followed by a series of chops to each other’s chests; Vidal grounded Romo and stomped on his hands. Vidal was able to hit the Powerbottom bomb for another two-count.; Romo played Opossum and was able to double stomp Vidal’s head along with a stiff penalty kick across the chest of Vidal. That didn’t really phase Vidal as he was once again able to hit the powerbottom bomb for the victory. This was a terrific opening match that set the stage for the rest of the morning’s incredible matches.

Jai Vidal Defeated Carlos Romo

Singles Match: Edith Surreal vs. Max the Impaler with Amy Rose

Max is an incredible performer who really started to shine this past year in their various appearances for ICW and GCW. Kevin Gill noted that Max was sliced open in their match with Jake Something. Max has a definite size and strength advantage over Edith Surreal; the match spilled to the floor where Max was able to beat down Edith by sending her into the ring post a couple of times. Edith was able to recover and dragged Max back into the ring by their hair, once they were back in the ring Edith unloaded on Max’s back but was cut off with a massive Thez Press as Max once again took control of the match. Rose handed Max a chair and they planted Surreal face-first into the chair for a one-count. Max set up a door bridge on the floor as Edith Surreal tried to recover from the offensive onslaught that she had been subjected to during the opening portion of the matchup. Val Capone is a fantastic commentator and I’d love to hear her call more matches for GCW outside of the Big Gay Brunches. Surreal recognized the danger that she was in and tried to take Max off their feet but was unsuccessful but she was able to land some offense but only registered a one-count. Surreal went for the Melon Baller but was cut off with a spear for a very close near fall, Max followed that up with a sit-out piledriver. Edith hit the Melon baller DDT, a move that no one has kicked out of but Max was able to kick out, stunning the crowd and Edith as well. Max picked up Surreal and threw her over the top rope, sending her crashing through the door on the floor. Edith Surreal was unable to answer the count of ten and was counted out.

Max the Impaler Defeated Edith Surreal

Post Match: Max beat down Surreal with the broken doors and the chairs.

Scramble Match: Kidd Bandit vs. Shay Purser vs. Rico Gonzalez vs. Killian McMurphy vs. Sylvio Milano vs. Jordan Blade vs. The Whisper

This was all of the competitors’ first time competing in a GCW ring and the crowd wouldn’t let them fail. Shay’s theme music is Creed’s “My Sacrifice” which caused the first singalong of the morning. Jordan and Milano faced off in the center of the ring only to be jumped by the rest of the competitors, Killian took out Blade and was left in the ring with the giant Sylvio Milano. Kidd Bandit did a spin-a-rooni as Shay entered the ring they ran a couple of spots until McMurphy took Bandit’s head off with a lariat and Shay was tossed out of the ring himself. Rico and McMurphy paired up next, McMurphy wasn’t having any of Rico’s antics as he started to work over the much quicker Rico Gonzalez. McMurphy connected with a kick, and Kevin Gill noted that McMurphy would probably rather be in there with a chicken. I don’t know what that meant but it made me laugh. Jordan Blade returned to the match and suplexed Rico, Milano, Shay, and The Whisper as the crowd started going wild. Blade hit a bridging Samoan Drop onto Shay for a two count and cut off Bandit who tried to attack her from the top rope and was powerbombed over the top rope. Gonzalez tried to reenter the ring but was clotheslined back onto the apron, Blade and Gonzalez battled on the apron with Gonzalez getting the better of the exchange as he hit Blade with a clothesline which smashed her on the apron. Rico hit a massive moonsault taking out all the competitors on the floor, not to be out done The Whisper hit a twisting moonsault which also took out the participants. Bandit hit the Airbender but was caught with a leg lariat for a two count from Whisper. Milano took out Whisper with double knees and senton for a two count. We go back to how we started this match with Milano and Blade standing in the center of the ring trading stiff elbows and forearms. Kidd Bandit hit a stunner, the crowd got to their feet as she followed it up with a phoenix splash but no one was home and they were caught by Jordan Blade who locked her in a chokehold for the victory. This was a really fun match, each participant got the chance to showcase what makes them unique.

Jordan Blade won the Scramble Match

Singles Match: Billy Dixon vs. Keita Murray

Coming off their incredible performances yesterday at For The Culture, Dixon, and Murray, no relation, had an absolutely fantastic match. The match opens with both men going for pinfalls, after that plan didn’t work Keita took the fight to Dixon in the corner, choking him with his boot until he was admonished by the ref. They fought on the floor for a little bit with the much larger Billy Dixon walking Keita around the ring inflicting punishment, Dixon hit a suplex on the floor that took out both of the men bringing the match back to evening the playing field. Kevin Gill went on to state that the most important way to get things changed in your community is through voting in local elections, requesting a mail ballot, and getting involved on the ground level. Other than acceptance and visibility, this was the most important theme brought up on the show. Keita drove Dixon head first into a chair that was set up in the corner but was only able to get a two count for his efforts. Keita paintbrushes Dixon’s face which Dixon didn’t take too kindly to as he slapped Keita in the face, Dixon then hit the atomic elbow followed by a powerslam for a two count. Dixon set up two chairs in the corner but was caught and powerbombed onto them by Keita, followed by a top rope elbow drop for a two count. Keita was beside himself as he struggled to think of what to do next to get the victory over Billy Dixon; Keita hit a cutter for a two count followed by a knee to the head for another two-count. Keita locked in an ankle lock for the submission victory. This was a solid match, slow at parts but both men worked their asses off to put on a show for the crowd in attendance. I hope we get to see more Keita Murray either on Dark or in Game Changer Wrestling as he is a very talented technical wrestler and highflier.

Keita Murray Defeated Billy Dixon

Tag Team Elimination Mayhem Match: Ashton Starr and AC Mack vs. MSP vs. Devon Monore and Ace Perry vs. Dillon McQueen and Kenzie Paige

Rules: Each team will enter at a staggered time, you can only win the match once all the competitors have entered the match.

Mack and Aiden Agro started the match by dancing together which got the crowd hyped up, Ashton Starr asked what the fuck we are doing as Agro and Mack start trading offensive maneuvers, Agro tagged out to his partner Danger Kidd who brought the fight to AC Mack. Kidd chopped Mack in the groin as Ashton Starr came into the ring to save his partner. Kevin Gill notes that he had a dream that Ashton Starr shaved his head. Ashton Starr took out the entire MSP as the next team came to the ring. Perry and Monroe cleared the ring but Ashton Starr was able to sneak back in and send Perry and Monroe to the floor. Mack and Starr placed Perry on a chair and hit a double superkick, they then did the same to Agro. All of these are very talented but they cannot match the fluid teamwork that Mack and Starr displayed on a consistent basis throughout the match. With all of the competitors now in the match, pinfalls and submission are legal. Kenzie and Dillon run wild on all the participants of the match and send them to the floor. McQueen tried to go off the top rope but he was caught with a group superkick. All the men circled Kenzie and attacked all the men but much like her partner, she was also group superkicked. Devon hit the taste of the rainbow but was quickly beaten down by Dillon and Kenzie; their control didn’t last long as Mack and Starr sent them to the floor. AC Mack and Starr hit a double dick kick eliminating MSP. Kenzie kicked Starr in the groin followed by a piledriver for the elimination and victory.

Kenzie Paige and Dillon McQueen won the Tag Team Elimination Mayhem Match

Singles Match: Dark Sheik with Pollo Del Mar vs. Parrow

Parrow is one of my favorite wrestlers going today, he is incredibly underrated as he can do any type of style of match all across the country. Parrow has the size and strength advantage but he does not have Sheik’s quickness. Parrow threw Sheik head first into the bottom turnbuckles and followed that up with a chokeslam and went for a cocky pin. Parrow went to slam Sheik on two steel chairs but she was able to turn it around, hitting two consecutive DDT’s for a near fall. Sheik planted a chair in the face of Parrow, as he recovered in the ring Sheik went to the floor and grabbed a door, and set it up in the corner. Parrow bounced Sheik off the door pissing him off, even more, he then locked her in the torture rack, Parrow took the door out of the ring and set up a door bridge on the floor. This rivalry dates back to the Hammerstein as Parrow was the one who eliminated Dark Sheik in the pre-show battle royal. Sheik hit a double stomp, grounding Parrow for the first time in the match; she climbed to the top rope connecting with a leg drop for a two count. Sheik went for a top rope kick but was caught and tossed by Parrow. Pollo got on the apron, Parrow picked up Sheik, and powerbombed her into Pollo who was sent crashing through a door on the floor. This was a really fun spot and it was great to see Pollo get involved in the match. Parrow hit the end followed by a powerbomb but the ref was on the floor checking on Pollo and was unable to count the pin. He yells that he could do this all fucking day and powerbombed Sheik once again, he screamed, “get me another ref or I’ll fucking kill her” and went to powerbomb Sheik once again but Sheik rolled him up, EFFY ran in to make the count as the crowd went nuts.

Dark Sheik Defeated Parrow

Singles Match: Allie Katch vs. Dango

Dango came to the ring smoking a blunt to a monstrous ovation. The crowd looked to do the Fandango song gimmick but Dango just looked disgusted, which I understand because that was almost a decade ago. Allie Katch bumped the mound in Dango’s face as the match went to the floor, Dango went for a chop but hit the steel ring post. Katch looked under the ring and retrieved a chair and went to hit Dango over the head, Dango yelled to her to “put the fucking chair down”. He asked her to sit in the chair and proceeded to give her a lap dance as the crowd went nuts. Allie Katch returned the favor, giving him a lap dance of her own. Dango lured Katch in under the pretense of another lap dance but he clotheslined her as the crowd showed this dissatisfaction for the former WWE superstar. Katch went for a sunset flip but she wasn’t able to get him over so she hit him in the balls, Dango Irish whipped her into the corner and powerbombed her in the center of the ring. Dango rubbed his ass in her face taking a Foolish Pleasure in her misery but she hit him in the balls again and crotched him across the back of the chair. Katch then runs wild with her trademark hip attacks into the cannonball and she went for a pin but Dango was able to kick out at two. Dagno went to the top rope but was quickly followed by Allie Katch who started to scratch away at Dango’s back so she could hit him with a superplex, but she was cut off by Dango with a kick. If Dango was able to capture the victory it would’ve been a bigger upset than Birdstone stealing the Triple Crown away from Smarty Jones.

The closing sequence of the match saw Katch hitting an assisted piledriver for the victory.

Allie Katch Defeated Dango

Singles Match: EFFY vs. Pimpinela

EFFY looked for a kiss but Pimy scratched his arms and threw her gum into the crowd, they locked up briefly but EFFY was able to escape every time by grinding on Pimpinela. EFFY grabbed a headlock and wretched away at the living legend only for her to shove him off and hit a hip thrust. Pimpinela poked EFFY in the eyes as she danced around the ring and climbed the ropes, hitting a Lucha arm drag that sent EFFY to the floor. Pimpinela took out EFFY with a flying Thez Press, EFFY wasn’t having any of her antics as he started to punch away at EFFYs face; she pulled down his trunks and bit his ass which elicited a holy shit chant from the crowd. They went back into the ring as EFFY lit Pimpinela up with a series of chops, EFFY charged into the corner but no one was home, however it did allow EFFY to hit a blockbuster for a two count. The two started to slap each other in the chest, each time getting more and more fired up. Pimpinela kissed the ref, and rolled up EFFY for the victory.

Pimpinela Defeated EFFY