EFFY’s Big Gay Brunch 9 Results: Dark Sheik vs. Sonny Kiss

Originally published at EFFY’s Big Gay Brunch 9 Results: Dark Sheik vs. Sonny Kiss

EFFY’s Big Gay Brunch 9

Saturday, April 6, 2024

Monomoth vs. Aaron Rourke vs. Devon Monroe vs. Rico Gonzalez 

Rico and Devon paired off, Devon was taken to the mat and followed by a big Lucha arm drag and kicked in the head for good measure. Devon fired go with their arm drag take over, and leveled Rico with a dropkick followed by a leg drop for a close near fall. Monomoth took Rico down with a kick across the chest and a leaping knee to Devon who was on the top rope. Moth went for a suplex but Aaron came back into the ring and took them both down with the Tower of Doom. Rourke hit Rico with a big spear for a near fall Id his own. Rico fired back with a series of chops but was sent to the floor with a big drop kick. Rourke and Devon squared off with a series of forearms and landed a big right hand but Monomoth returned to the ring for a roll-up attempt. Rico and Aaron fired away at each other in the center of the ring; Devon hit a sunset bomb that sent both Rico and Aaron flying and resulted in a near fall. Moth hit a Bronco buster in all three of their opponents; Devon planted Aaron with a facebuster but Rico returned to the ring and hit Devon with a big piledriver for another her close near fall. Moth was able to secure the victory after a brief strike exchange with Rico and got him with a bridging pin.

Monomoth Defeated Aaron Rourke, Devon Monroe, and Rico Gonzalez 

Edith Surreal & Jamie Lynn Senegal vs. The Runway

Couture and Surreal started the match representing their respective teams. They executed the fish out of water spit, assisted by Jamie, who kneed Klein in the face. Jamie entered the match and double-teamed Couture, who eventually tagged out to Klein. Jamie ran wild on Klein with a series of elbows and straight right hands. Edith booted Klein in the face. Couture and Klein double-teamed Edith, but she managed to kick out at the last second. Klein hit Edith with a hip thrust while Couture reentered the ring and continued where his partner left off. Width made the hot tag, and Jamie unleashed a barrage of forearm strikes and a spinning heel kick. Edith recovered, chopped at the runway, and landed a big dropkick. The runway fired back up but only briefly as Edith and Jamie each kicked them in the groin and hit them with a DDT for the victory.

Edith Surreal and Jamie Lynn Senegal Defeated The Runway

Karam vs. Trish Adora

Karam shoved Trish and grabbed her hair, attempting a power slam but ended up dumping her across the top rope instead. Trish retaliated with a series of chops, but they didn’t seem to faze the big man, who countered with a lariat. Karam then choked Trish on the ring post and tossed her around ringside, before continuing to dominate inside the ring with his strength advantage. Trish eventually fought back, executing a shelled followed by repeated splashes in the corner. Despite Karam’s chokeslam, it wasn’t enough to put Trish away. She countered with another German suplex and pinned him for the victory.

Trish Adora Defeated Karam

BUSSY vs. Dirty Breeze

Breeze and Katch started the match with a stiff lock-up and an arm drag from Breeze. Dango tagged himself in, as did EFFY. Dango took EFFY down with a shoulder tackle and a hip thrust to his face. Dango followed up with a forearm, while Breeze did the same to Katch. Dirty Breeze isolated EFFY in their corner, while Katch got the hot tag and ran wild with her running hip attack and an atomic drop on Breeze. BUSSY then delivered their tandem hip thrusts on Breeze for a close near fall. Katch attempted a piledriver, but Dango broke it up and isolated Katch in their corner, handcuffing her and continuing to beat her up.EFFY got the hot tag and unleashed a flurry of offense on both his opponents with running boots and the “Under the Rainbow” in the corners for a close near fall. BUSSY attempted the “Two Gay Power Trip,” but Dirty Breeze blocked it, only to fall victim to it on the second attempt for a close near fall. Dirty Breeze responded with double superkicks, then placed Katch in a chair while Dango gave her a lap dance. Katch pretended to enjoy it and crotched Dango on the chair. EFFY then hit Dango with a “Sack Ryder” through a chair for the victory.

BUSSY Defeated Dirty Breeze

Parrow, Adriel Noctis, Angelo Carter, Juni Underwood & Keita Defeated Karam, Alex Maze, Don’t Die Miles, RBJ & Ziggy Haim

GCW Ultraviolent Championship: Rina Yamashita (c) vs. Billy Dixon

Rina landed repeated forearms on Billy, but Billy used his size advantage to take her down with a shoulder tackle followed by a leg drop. Rina fired back with a series of kicks in the corner, followed by a German suplex. Billy rocked her with a forearm, but she countered with the matrix spot into a testicular claw, to which he responded in kind as the crowd went wild. They both rolled to the floor, each grabbing steel chairs, engaging in a duel which Rina won, striking Billy over the head with a chair. Rina then retrieved a door from underneath the ring and started to batter Billy with it. They battled on the apron, where Rina was hit with a backdrop, resulting in a near fall. Billy grabbed a chair and struck Rina across the back with it multiple times, followed by a big backdrop for another close near fall. Billy then set up a door bridge in the center of the ring, and they climbed to the top rope, where Rina gained the advantage and powerbombed Billy through the door for a two count. Rina hit him over the head with a chair, climbed to the top rope, and delivered a big splash to retain the championship.

Rina Yamashita Retained the GCW Ultraviolent Championship

Dark Sheik vs. Sonny Kiss

Sheik got out of Sonny’s face lock with a split, and they grabbed a wrist lock, taking Sonny to the mat. Sonny managed to break free, and they wrestled to a stalemate. Sheik took Sonny down with repeated shoulder tackles, and they each scored near falls in a series of exchanges. As they picked up the pace, they once again found themselves at a stalemate. The crowd was evenly split in their support. Sonny executed a big airplane spin into a facebuster for a near fall. Sheik hung Sonny up in the corner and hit her with a coast-to-coast dropkick for a close near fall. Sheik then stomped away on Sonny in the corner and delivered a bronco buster into a leg drop for another close near fall. Sheik removed Sonny’s belt and struck her with it, followed by a belt-assisted lung blower. Sonny, refusing to give up, countered with a dropkick followed by a Blue Thunder bomb for a two-count. Sonny grabbed the belt and started to whip Sheik with it, then executed a military press into a standing moonsault for a very close near fall. Sheik attempted a top-rope maneuver but missed with a big leg drop. However, she landed a desperation spin kick and followed up with a driver for the victory.

Dark Sheik Defeated Sonny Kiss