EGGSHELLS Podcast Companion: 1996 w/ Damian Abraham

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The EGGSHELLS Podcast Companion is a series of shows exploring a different year in the wrestling history of the Tokyo Dome with a different guest each episode.

Episode eight sees Chris Charlton and Damian Abraham look at 1996, which saw NJPW and UWFi’s inter-promotional feud continue, and Jinsei Shinzaki return to Japan after his stint as Hakushi in the WWF. 1996 also saw the Tokyo Dome’s least famous wrestling cards as JD’ Star put on a handful of matches as part of a festival over the Christmas holidays.

The podcast is an audio companion to EGGSHELLS: Pro Wrestling in the Tokyo Dome, available now!

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Did anyone else get the Saturday G1 review instead of eggshells? I got that instead downloaded on iTunes.

Hmmmm, I had a similar issue. Initially, the Eggshells podcast played. I stopped it, but when I resumed it later it became the Saturday G1. Deleted it, re-downloaded and it was fine. Very strange.

An incorrect file was uploaded in the first hour of this release. Deleting and reloading should fix the issue.

Sweet, cheers for that.

extra podcast!!