EGGSHELLS Podcast Companion: 1997 w/ Nate Milton

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The EGGSHELLS Podcast Companion is a series of shows exploring a different year in the wrestling history of the Tokyo Dome with a different guest each episode.

Episode nine sees Chris Charlton and Nate Milton look at 1997, which saw NJPW have the biggest business year in its history to date, thanks in large part to the hugely successful nWo Japan faction. Nate talks about how the faction related to the WCW product at the time, and also talks about his own experiences living in Japan in the late 1990s.

The podcast is an audio companion to EGGSHELLS: Pro Wrestling in the Tokyo Dome, available now!

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I like the look into NWO Japan and Nate was a perfect choice to look at that. Although (and I know this should go in the fact checking thread) but Dan Severn’s WWE run was in 98 not 97, Brawl For All was also in 98. The whole NWA angle started late 97/early 98 with Jeff Jarrett.

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Thanks for listening (and for the correction), brother!

This was my first time conversing with brother Charlton on a show & I had a blast. “Eggshells” is quickly becoming one of my favorite wrasslin’ based pods. I can’t wait to hear the rest of the series! :100:


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