EJ Nduka recounts NFL's Dallas Cowboys organization leading him on for two years

Originally published at EJ Nduka recounts NFL's Dallas Cowboys organization leading him on for two years

According to Nduka, he was told by those within the organization that he’d be drafted and brought in. 

From 2007 to 2011, E.J. Nduka played college football. He started out at Jacksonville University and then transferred to Sam Houston State. In 2012, Nduka participated in an NFL Regional Combine. 

While Nduka was a guest on the Public Enemies Podcast, he recounted a member or members of the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys organization consistently telling him they were going to Draft him and bring him in. Nduka said he heard that for two years. 

Nduka is from Dallas, Texas and shared that he was shown more love by the Houston Texans. E.J. feels there’s ‘someone’ in the Cowboys organization who has his hands in too many things. 

Absolutely not (Nduka responded when asked if he’s a Dallas Cowboys fan). Not even for one second and I’ll tell you why. Now I can say it. I can freely say it now. When I went through the (NFL Regional) Combine, I was in the NFL Combine, one of the teams that would constantly check on me, constantly hit me up was the Cowboys because obviously, I’m homegrown. They promised everything under the sun. ‘We’re gonna bring you in, we’re gonna draft you. We’re gonna do this, we’re gonna do that’ and for two years, they toyed with me. Two freaking years. Telling me, ‘Oh, we’re gonna bring you in,’ this and that. The (Houston) Texans showed me more love and I wasn’t even in Houston. I played at Sam Houston (State University) and I had two workouts with the Texans but Dallas never brought me in and that left a chip on my shoulder. Do I hate them? No. But do I think that there’s somebody there that’s got his hands in too many things? Yes. I think Dallas can do a better job of — real power is when you’re able to delegate different responsibilities and understand where you’re not as proficient in and I think that when you’re trying to wear too many hats, things can get convoluted and this is football E.J. talking, not wrestling, and I think that there’s a reason why there’s position coaches, there’s a reason why there’s coordinators, there’s a reason why you have a department for scouts, player personnel and etcetera but when you try to do everything yourself, there’s no possible way that you can do the best job that you absolutely can if you are doing everything yourself. A real leader delegates power and that’s all I’m gonna say on that.

As of this writing, Nduka is a free agent. He had a run with Major League Wrestling that started in the summer of 2021 and he wrapped up with MLW this year. 

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