El Desperado: Blake Christian reminds me of a young Will Ospreay

Originally published at El Desperado: Blake Christian reminds me of a young Will Ospreay

Christian receives high praise from El Desperado. 

New Japan Pro-Wrestling’s 2024 Best of the Super Juniors tournament is underway. Prior to the tournament kicking off, NJPW1972.com conducted interviews with talents in the B.O.S.J. field. 

There was an extensive interview published with El Desperado. Along his road in the tournament, he’ll be taking on Blake Christian. He said in terms of what Christian can do in the ring, he reminds him of a young Will Ospreay. 

I had the three-way match with him (Blake Christian) and Hiromu (Takahashi) in 2022. That mustache makes him look middle-aged, but he’s actually super young. Their builds are very different, but in terms of what he can do, he reminds me of a young Will Ospreay.

Looking at the 2024 B.O.S.J. field, Desperado stated that he felt MAO of DDT Pro-Wrestling or El Lindaman should’ve been in the tournament, but it all comes down to scheduling. 

I still think MAO should be in there (Best of the Super Juniors 2024), or (El) Lindaman again. But you know, it all comes down to schedules and whatnot.

Thus far in the tournament, Desperado is 1-1. He lost to Titán in his first match and picked up a victory over Kosei Fujita in his second bout.

Osprey is 30… So, Blake Christian is like pre-school Will Osprey?

Blake Christian is 26 years old! :rofl: :rofl: