Elias & Bobby Roode sings Sweet Child O' Mine

WWE Turin 2018

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Elias is a fucking superstar. I kept telling my dad when Elias was still in NXT, he just looks like a star, but since he’s come up to the main roster, he’s gotten even better. Just a bit more work on his wrestling and he’ll be there.

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I thought “Oh yeah I remember, Bobby Roode can sing” and then I thought “Oh yeah, no he can’t”.

When I started watching NXT, Elias was still “The Drifter” and I didn’t think much of him. Fast forward to today and I really like the guy, he just understands the psychology of the crowd and how to play to them.

If Elias becomes a more complete wrestler, the guy could be a top talent in WWE no problem. The gimmick needs to be changed ever so slightly, for risk he becomes as cartoonish as ole JJ.