Elias Should Win The Elimination Chamber & Defeat Brock Lesnar

I know this is going to be an unpopular opinion, but I think they should strap the rocket to Elias and give him the win in the Chamber and then win the Universal Title at Wrestlemania.

I think he is honestly one of the few NXT success stories. Sure, you got other guys who were in NXT and then won the WWE or Universal title when they came up. Or whatever other title, but I think a lot of those guys have also had their issues(mainly due to bad booking, I know) Elias though, he was a bit of a joke in NXT and has managed to come up to the main roster and he gets one of the best reactions, week after week.

His wrestling does leave something to be desired, I admit that, but I dont think he is terrible. He’s certainly much better than Jinder Mahal. I can look past that though, because he’s constantly entertaining me in someway. He’s been very well protected. Most of the losses that he’s had, have come from some of the top name guys. I think its time to truly Walk With Elias.

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Elias is a good mid-card gimmick and not much else. I’m sorry but the imagine of him singing his song while wearing the Universal title is just too out there for me. I just can’t take him seriously.

I dont think theres anyone right now who thinks it would be believable for Elias to beat Brock. If they ever want to go that way, they have a long way to go with his character

The character is still in act one.

Out there characters like this need patience.

How do we know he’s actually over? Crowd chants don’t equal dollars.

Whilst I’ll agree Elias as a gimmick of “The Drifter” is over, but I strongly disagree with your idea of him winning the Universal Championship from Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania.

As for

I’m sorry you lost me. The guy was brought up to Raw way to early, could hardly play guitar & had to lean playing it while on the road, and his current in ring ability is nowhere near where I’d want a world champion match at any PPV. Simply put he’s a mid-card act at best, and maybe if he’s lucky he’ll get a run with either the IC or US championship while he’s with the company.

However I’m open to the idea of Elias drifting through Suplex City on the Raw go home show for WrestleMania.