Elijah (Elias) explains how he decided on new ring name, still feels Seattle doesn't deserve NBA basketball team

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Elijah commented on a highlight from his WWE run. 

Now that Elijah f.k.a. Elias is officially a free agent after being released from WWE in September, he has been announced for The Wrestling REVOLVER, World Series Wrestling in Australia and he’ll be doing signings throughout the coming months. 

One of the signings he participated in was for Highspots and he appeared on their Virtual Gimmick Table show. He explained that he chose his new ring name because of Elijah’s connection to John the Baptist in the Bible. He added that he loves biblical names. 

Yeah, yeah, that’s exactly right (I chose the name ‘Elijah’ due to his relationship with John the Baptist). That’s good. I love all the biblical names if you can’t tell by now. Elias, Ezekiel, Elijah, you got the Heavy Metal Jesus from my past life so yeah, that’s where Elijah comes from.

The show host asked Elijah if he still feels Seattle doesn’t deserve a basketball team, referencing when him and Kevin Owens were loudly booed for close to five minutes on an episode of WWE Raw in 2018

They were in Seattle, Washington and Elijah made a remark about Seattle no longer having a basketball team and mentioned that he understands Oklahoma City having a team. Seattle lost their ‘Supersonics’ when the team relocated to Oklahoma City in 2008 and became the ‘Thunder’. 

Of course (I still think Seattle doesn’t deserve a basketball team). I would love to get back out there and let them know exactly how I feel.

Elijah spent nine years of his wrestling career with WWE. Prior to reverting to the ‘Elias’ character, he played the role of ‘Ezekiel’, the brother of Elias. 

His last match for the company was on the 5/15/23 Monday Night Raw

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