Emma released from WWE

Originally published at Emma released from WWE

She confirmed her departure. 

Emma made her return to WWE on the October 28th episode of Friday Night SmackDown. Fast forward to present day, she has been released from the company again. 

She confirmed her departure through her social media channels. She sent out a tweet about going ‘home’, referring to WWE running Elimination Chamber at Optus Stadium in Australia. Shortly after, Emma followed up with a tweet about being let go. 

Her last televised match with the company was on the 7/10 Monday Night Raw. While with WWE this go-around, Emma, real name Tenille Dashwood, got engaged to WWE’s Riddick Moss


This looks like we’re going to need a catch-all article about today’s releases if we get more of them. Supposedly Rick Boogs has been given the ax as well.


Sean Ross Sapp is your hookup for this news:

Aaliyah released.
Elias released.
Riddick Moss released.
Top Dolla released.

It sounds like they are releasing all the talents that they are really doing nothing with/plan on doing nothing with. I wish they would just let their contracts run out as its sad to see someone fired. When you don’t let talent just walk away mid contract, you shouldn’t be able to fire them mid contract. With that said, there is nobody here outside of Emma that I would have imagined getting another contract.

If I’m the rest of Hit Row, Apollo Crews, Dana Brooke, Xia Li, Shelton Benjamin, Cedric Alexander, Shanky etc. I’m probably a bit nervous right now. (I just did a quick scan of the rosters and these are the people I see in the same light as the ones already released).

I’m kind of hoping Dolph is released (assuming he wants out), I’d love to see him repackaged in AEW.

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If you were brought back by HHH - don’t answer your phone!

Your wish has been granted. I bet Ryan Nemeth is over the moon right now. Future AEW Tag Champs.

Sad to see Top Dolla go. Who is Michael Cole going to bully now?

I actually think he’d do great in AEW. He’s a great talent, but character wise WWE has ruined him in that setting.

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Aaliyah has to have one of the weirdest runs of all time. Almost seven years in developmental with little to no improvement. Then proceeds to do nothing on the main roster

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Didnt she get the record for fastest pinfall victory ever when she pinned Natalya in four seconds or whatever? Glad they put that gimmick to good use.

If I’m Tony I might go after Ali. Wouldn’t touch anyone else

To me, all in on Ali, and Ziggler depending on how motivated he is.

At this moment, that’s it.