End of the road for Alexa?

With another concussion and her being pulled from mitb you guys think this is it for her?

She is a great talker, and could have a future in a non bumping role.

No…she can do anything else other than wrestle.

Commentary, manage, be a spokesperson/ambassador, act in their movies…she’s alot better at any of that than Paige is and she is being used.

Hell I got a storyline right now have Nikki Cross win it and Bliss will try mentor her to become a great champion like she was, and she makes her over, has her dress more sexy but Cross keeps being crazy and if Bliss is ready…she tries to get Nikki to give her the contract because it was her spot she used and she has done everything to make her who she is now…feud and we get sexy Nikki Cross out of it.

You’re welcome @wwe


I’m talking only in ring guys. Let’s face it wwe isn’t letting anyone go anytime soon.

Has this actually been confirmed as a concussion?

According to pwinsider

If it is another brain injury, I hope she will stop being an active competitor. Atleast for a while. People shouldn’t take concussions lightly.
But, she is talented enough that she can have a spot until her contract is up

Just make her a manager.

Vinny mac hates managers!!!

The whole situation reminds me of Corey Graves’. He had multiple concussions before he had to call it quits. My fear is this really could be the end for Alexa, which is a shame. The best comparison I can make for her is to the Honky Tonk Man. Honky wasn’t the best wrestler, but was a hell of a character and a hell of a promo.

Just look at how she was booked before since she came back from her last concussion. She barely wrestled and when she did, it was a very safe type of match where she wasn’t taking major spots. That’s why i was surprised that they put her in the MITB in the first place.

Anyway if this is another concussion, i’m guessing this is mostly the end of her in ring career. I could see them transitioning her as a talk show host and maybe a part time manager if they need her in the role.

If this means we get more “A Moment Of Bliss” segments then this is a disaster. Wasn’t much of a fan of hers in the ring either and on the mic she’s good but i wouldn’t say she’s great. I think the company like her though so she’ll probably get some sort of a role.