Endeavor President wants to run 'UFC playbook' when it comes to WWE acquisition

Originally published at https://www.postwrestling.com/2023/04/04/endeavor-president-wants-to-run-ufc-playbook-when-it-comes-to-wwe-acquisition/

Nick Khan mentioned that it would have taken WWE longer to get to a certain point without the sale. 

It was made public on the morning of April 3rd that WWE sold to Endeavor. The WWE and UFC are going to merge to create a $21 billion sports and entertainment company. 

Among the media that was done on the day to discuss the sale, Endeavor President Mark Shapiro gave comments to Sports Business Journal

He told the outlet that he wants to run the ‘UFC playbook’ when it comes to the acquisition of WWE. Shapiro stated that putting Vince McMahon, Dana White and Ari Emanuel’s heads together is beneficial for shareholders. 

Shapiro: We’re going to run the UFC playbook. The opportunity to put Vince McMahon’s creative head with Dana and Ari is going to create a significant amount of value for shareholders.

WWE President Nick Khan weighed in and touched on the hopes for what WWE’s value would become. In his conversations with Vince, they felt they could have gotten WWE to that point on their own but it would have taken much longer opposed to the route that was chosen with Endeavor. 

Khan: In many internal conversations that Vince and I would have with one another, the question wasn’t whether we thought we could do it all on our own. Yes, we could do it on our own, but it probably takes 10 years.

There’s an in-depth discussion on the POST Wrestling YouTube channel between John Pollock and Brandon Thurston about Endeavor acquiring WWE.