Enter POST’s G1 Climax 30 Contest by Friday 11:59pm ET

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For each correct result you specify, you will get one point. The person with the most points after the G1 Climax concludes will be the winner!

THE DEADLINE FOR SUBMITTING YOUR RESPONSES IS 11:59 PM EASTERN TIME ON FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 18TH, 2020! Please also understand that you are submitting predictions for the entire G1 before it starts.

You may also predict a DRAW for any match. If the match is a draw (i.e. no winner either due to time limit or double disqualification) and you predict a draw, you get the point for that match.

In the case of injuries to any wrestlers, the non-injured wrestler will be given a win by default (i.e. if you picked the wrestler that was injured you don’t earn any points but if you picked the non-injured wrestler in that match-up you will get one point).

You will also predict the winner of the A Block, B Block, and the overall G1 winner. These questions will be used as tie-breakers only.

Correctly predicting each Block winner will get you one “tie-breaker” point and predicting the overall winner will get you three “tie-breaker” points.

If there is still a tie for the contest winner after tie-breaker points, you will be ranked according to the following:

  • Number of days you correctly predicted 5 match results
  • Number of days you correctly predicted 4 match results
  • Number of days you correctly predicted 3 match results
  • Number of days you correctly predicted 2 match results
  • Number of days you correctly predicted 1 match result

The top three finishers will receive POST Wrestling Store prizes to be announced at a future date.

Lastly, let’s remember that this is for fun and that wrestling is a strange business that sometimes throws us curve-balls. If creative booking causes something disruptive to this contest we will do our best to be fair to everyone. John and Wai are the final word in any such situations.

Just going through the matches I’m personally looking forward to with Ospreay, Shingo and Kota the A Block is absolutely insane

…I have no idea what I’m doing here, but I submitted.

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