Enzo allegations

Dafuq? Its like the cruiserweights are cursed… injuries, the flu, Domestics, now rape.


Don’t but it… if Enzo was getting that fucked up, it would have shown up on a drug test. And he’s not important enough or liked enough for a look the other way situation.

Innocent till proven guilty… so I’m calling bullshit until proven otherwise.

You’ve missed the point, I’m afraid. Yeah, people have laid charges and had investigations and all that, but it doesn’t change the fact that in most cases so far, that’s turned out to be completely and utterly useless - perhaps even worse than nothing because it tends to exonerate rapists. There’s a massive amount of frustration around sexual assault trials that has absolutely not gone away. This particular woman’s allegations have not been ignored (yet) but that doesn’t mean they won’t be soon.

I do understand the idea of not having the public hold your trial. Obviously that’s a bad idea. But it would not be this way if it weren’t for some deeply problematic issues that I went into in my post. (Or at least, it wouldn’t be so strongly this way. Everyone still has opinions no matter what.)

I don’t think you should be brushing off the simple fact that in this situation nothing has failed this woman yet. You have just assumed that it will eventually fail her.

If this crime truly did happen, the police should come to that conclusion and punishment served out. If the police fail her and Enzo gets away with it, then I would say rally the masses on social media, pick up your pitch forks and touches to try and get justice.

Doesn’t matter what is on her twitter feed in the past or what we, strangers, view of her character based off of it. Facts are she claims this occurred, took it to the authorities, and it’s being investigated as it should. WWE did the EXACT right thing, and if even a smidge of this turns out to be confirmed Enzo should be gone. No room for this crap (and that’s using my PG language).

Edit: as for the court of public opinion thing, I assume, unless it’s proven 100% false, the public, especially the wrestling public, will let enzo have it in a big time, and loud way. I don’t even see how WWE could put him on TV now without some choice chants ringing out that aren’t to PG.


I think you’d be well served to reread the sections I wrote about how rape is virtually impossible to do anything about in the courts. Pay close attention to when rape happens, how beyond a reasonable doubt is an impossible standard to meet generally, and how rape kits are unreliable even when they’re not being mishandled by states.

Look, if rape trials had any sort of record of working, I’d agree with you. If there weren’t systemic roadblocks to a reasonable trial when it comes to sexual assault, fine, point conceded. But there is no record and there are roadblocks. This leaves a lot of survivors feeling (quite rightfully) that the only thing they have is each other. This is why whisper networks exist and why people chanted “we believe survivors” when Ghomeshi got acquitted. (Granted, that was a Canadian trial but both countries have similar judicial issues).

I will absolutely brush off the fact that a court nor the police have misbehaved yet. I’m virtually certain it will happen, and if it doesn’t happen, it will be a massive, unprecedented victory for survivors, and I will gladly point it out, I will shout out the investigators and the judges proudly. Even if there’s an acquittal on reasonable grounds (eg: they were proven to never be in the same place, enzo has an alibi, etc) I will be happy. I don’t want a witch hunt, obviously. But the lack of faith demonstrated by people didn’t come from nowhere and doesn’t exist in a bubble.