Enzo Amore released by the WWE

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The WWE announced on Tuesday afternoon that they have released Enzo Amore (Eric Arndt).

The release comes one day after allegations were made public by an unidentified woman. There is a report by Sean Ross Sapp at Fightful.com speaking to the woman about the allegations. She stated that the alleged incident took place in Arizona last October where she was drugged by other people at a party and then raped by Arndt. She stated on Twitter that she went to the emergency room two days later (in the interview with Fightful, she clarified this was to have a rape kit completed) and a police report was filed at the time. She added that she went to a mental hospital after this incident for a 45-day treatment but left after 26-days, against the advice of those at the treatment facility as she stated it was a “terrible facility”.

The Phoenix Police Department has confirmed that a police report was filed back in October and there is an ongoing investigation. No charges have been filed yet against Eric Arndt and he has yet to issue any statement on the investigation or his release.

Arndt did not have a professional wrestling background when he was signed in 2012 after he was seen in a video by Paul Levesque. He debuted on NXT television in 2013 and was paired with Big Cass and later, Carmella, during their NXT run. Both Enzo and Cass were called up to the main roster in 2016 on the night after WrestleMania 32.

At the time of his release, he was the Cruiserweight champion and the focal point of the 205 Live brand.

How do you think they will address the Title situation, I think they’ll issue a statement at the top of the show and probably do a Rumble for the Title at today’s 205 Live

If he got released that quickly, without dropping the title… there must be DNA evidence against him.

I’d assume WWE simply says the cruiserweight title is vacant and hold some sort of tournament or multi-man match for it, without even mentioning Enzo by name. The people who care about 205live will already know WHY, and WWE certainly doesn’t want to bring any more light to it on their programing than they have to.

Actually if she went two days after and got the rape kit done there is a good chance there Isn’t DNA evidence there can be other factors however trauma etc.Lack of DNA doesn’t mean he didn’t do it just at the time of the evidence being collected it could have been washed away.
that being said DNA if there is DNA is actual circumstantial evidence on itself and can’t legally factor innocence or guilt alone. not the smoking gun everyone thinks it is. However more like a cherry on top of a carefully crafted case to as much as possible prove innocence or guilt.

That being said in this climate WWE really had no alternative then to firing him. I doubt they have a lot of details that the police have or I doubt they even talked to enzo to get his side they had no choice to fire him if he did do it and they didn’t fire him they would have massive media heat.

I would have fired him to. (so people don’t think I am defending him)

That being said I Bet they will open with saying Due to certain Revelations coming to light WWE has released Enzo (might even say his real name) we hold our superstars in the highest regard to principles. Now we will have a battle royal to determine the champ tonight or a fatal four way Cedric vs, Gulak vs. Nese. vs. Davairi at the rumble the rest of the zo train however they will drop that gimmick for sure so might be random person against Cedric tonight or at the rumble

or they say nothing.

Times like this is when you find out how many lawyers, police officers and forensic scientists are on pro wrestling forums.

Good for them. If they cut him this quick there must be some hard evidence against him.

I’m sure the embarrassment of distracting from Raw25 didn’t help him at all, but good for them for acting quickly here. Fightful is reporting that WWE was blindsided by this so I imagine even if they don’t have hard evidence they’re mad enough to cut weight.

Enzo is going to get the Benoit treatment. No mention ever again, no hints to him ever again, blacklisted, forgotten about completely.

Granted if the charges are dropped or it turns out he was innocent, he might come back but right now, they want nothing to do with him and he best pray they don’t find anything in the tests

I believe in due process…innocent until proven otherwise and hate the online Lynch mob mentality of social media…but it’s Enzo. …fuck that guy.

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gets better and better.


The fact that he’s been released and you can say that he’s more valuable than Rich Swann says a lot for me

Here’s the possible reason why he may have been fired so quickly

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Jeeeeez… How classy…

I think this was the nail in the coffin that made it easy for WWE to just say C-ya. This shows incredible lack of professionalism by Enzo, and also lets WWE walk away from him regardless of outcome of investigation. I would hope to believe that if WWE had known any of this way back in Oct, they would have suspended him then.

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Yeah…I should really spare the feelings of a potential rapist.

I wasn’t referring to you brother, I was talking about how “classy” (in a sarcastic sense) Enzo is. I find it pretty low to wear a shirt like that considering the allegations made against him. Especially yesterday…

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My bad. …I don’t trust Enzo knowing what actual irony is.

I feel like I should use this as an example for Jim Ross…because he uses ironic wrong all the time.

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Could have been worse. He could have been listening to WWF Forceable Entry at the time…