Enzo Amore

Wasn’t Enzo’s release largely due to him neglecting to tell WWE of the case? If he’d admitted he was under investigation as soon as it happened they probably would’ve suspended him rather than fired him.

Not that there aren’t huge double standards for stuff like this.

This doesn’t prove that something definitely didn’t happen but it’d be ridiculous to carry on as if it means something probably did happen especially as the only thing to go on is the accuser having a reputation of being a liar who’s off her head…

As far as the reason WWE gave as to why they fired him, the statement Enzo released suggests he wasn’t aware of any investigation until the girl tweeted out her allegations which I don’t totally buy but that’s the position he’s taking.

He’s not coming back…this was just the right thing to pull the trigger on something they were looking to do for a long time.

Before fans start chanting for Enzo …

Even though no charges came out of the case, this is pretty low.

“Consensual Penis”, LOL!!!

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Holy shit that was awful. Like not even awful in a funny way, but awful like three men dressed up as Bobby Lashley’s sister’s awful.

And somewhere, the person who invented trolling on the internet just sat down in awe.

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Well he may or may not have done what he done in Phoenix…but he’s definitely guilty of raping my ears.


1999 Eminem called.

He said “work on your enunciation and have some damn class. You can keep the beat.”

I see this moving forward in one of two ways

  1. Enzo does the reality show circuit in 5 years
  2. The next great beef in hip bop between him and Lil Xan (edit: which probably still ends up with Enzo doing bad reality shows)

I watched his music video. It has more salt than a 1998 Bret Hart interview.

Saying you support the ‘me too’ movement in a diss track about a woman who accussed you of sexual assault is a bit tone deaf.

I know it’s subjective and some people might like the song but I thought it was really bad. And I listen to a lot of US Rap.

Who is saying they like this? It’s been universally panned from what I’ve seen both for the tone deaf content and horrible execution.

I don’t really have an issue with him swinging back like this if he really is innocent. The content actually wasn’t too bad. Just a shame his delivery was so terrible. The standard of rapping a lot of rappers have in the US now is quite low though so maybe he’ll make a career of it.

If Enzo could “make a career out of it”…the standards are not just low…it’s hanging in the sewers with Splinter.

Ok I was just trying to be diplomatic. I am always told that I can be very harsh when I’m writing so I try to be softer.

This meth head looking scumbag thanking his “fans” for stalking a woman who accused him of rape is beyond vile and demonstrates that Enzo is human garbage.

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He’s an interesting character, that’s for sure

This man’s flow is worse than his wrestling…congrats…he might be the guy who actually sucks at everything.