Eric Bischoff SMH

Just read Bischoff’s statement about his WWE firing, great reporting Post. I recommend reading the Post article. I will sum up my thoughts about how Eric handled this in 4 words, Big time kiss ass.

I don’t think you should see like that. If you bitch about a company you’ve just worked for, good luck gaining the trust of your next employer.

I’m trying to understand how you see it as big time kiss ass? Not everyone has to leave a job like a pro wrestler…

The praise level was off the charts!
I get being classy, to a degree, but this was whack

I think he was fair.

I hear you, but this was like he had no respect for himself. The amount of praise he gave WWE was ridiculous.

Did you read the article.

Maybe if some of the reports were to be believed (and I’m not one to believe them 100%), he dropped the ball and didn’t fit in and actually he realises that he couldn’t handle the role and wasn’t good enough to keep the job. If he came out guns a blazing telling WWE to go fuck themselves, they may decide to release some statements defining clearly how much he fucked up…
Or maybe Eric realises that WWE $ is pretty sweet even if just for a few weeks and let’s face it, that door is always open for him to come back, which no doubt he will if and when he gets asked to come back for a nice fat pay check…
Or it could be something else. I’m not going to fault someone for being calm, professional and courteous.

Understood, but it was over the top(rope)

Why wouldn’t he praise them? They have his 64yr old ass a chance. A job. A severance package.

He should have joined the Kiss my ass club. That’s how nice they were to him

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