Eric Young defeats Eddie Edwards to become IMPACT World Champion

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Eric Young made his return to IMPACT Wrestling at Slammiversary in July and in just under two months, he has captured the IMPACT World Championship. Young clashed with Eddie Edwards in the main event of IMPACT’s 9/1/20 show on AXS and ended Edwards’ reign that began at this year’s Slammiversary event.

.@TheEricYoung is the NEW IMPACT World Champion.

The World Class Maniac has defeated @TheEddieEdwards. #IMPACTonAXSTV

— IMPACT (@IMPACTWRESTLING) September 2, 2020

⚡️ “@TheEricYoung Became IMPACT World Champion!”

— IMPACT (@IMPACTWRESTLING) September 2, 2020

This is Young’s second time winning a world championship under the IMPACT Wrestling/TNA banner. He was released from WWE back in April as a part of the company mass cuts/furloughs and returned to IMPACT once his 90-day non-compete expired.

Over the past several weeks, Young has been feuding with/ambushing Rich Swann. Tonight’s IMPACT also featured the return of Tenille Dashwood.

A recap article of the show will be up on the POST Wrestling home page.

Brutal decision. I’ll never understand how Impact books a guy who couldn’t even get on WWE TV to win their title. And this fast.

Young is fine but he’s not a main eventer or a world champion at this stage in his career

Yikes, the optics of this are bad. You can’t bring a guy in who was a jobber in WWE and put your world title on him right away. At least do a slow build or something where you can tell a comeback story. To put the title on him right away makes the promotion look so second rate.

Generally believed them putting the belt on Young the first time around and killing all the momentum of Magnus at the time was one of the worst and damaging booking decisions the company had the last time around (which as time has gone, looks even worse with what Aldis has become since)…so…interesting to see the reaction to this one. Admittedly, I don’t want a ton of Impact these days…I’ve only seen the last PPV and happened upon the encore of the show last night…and surely didn’t get from the show that we were heading toward a title change until it happened.

My major question this time around is less about putting the belt on a former WWE jobber and more about what Impact did in the first place; not having him just win the belt on his return. You can have him come in and have him win and make it seem like he was just being held down in the other company. But they didn’t even give him the win on their most-hyped show and put it on a lame duck choice. So they kinda made their own bed with that one. It’s similar to how they had a choice on Day 1 to make Heath Slater have a different perspective and didn’t bother to do so. There’s room to question making a WWE jobber your champion, but it’s about how you represent him coming in. And if I choose to only take what they’ve done instead of the things that were out of their control, I also don’t really find this to be a great decision at this time.

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