Erick Rowan pet guess

I think Erick Rowan pet is spitting cobra or a bombardier beetles

It is obviously the Dark Side Baby Yoda.

Considering WWE’s history with mysterious reveals…it’s probably Hornswaggle in the bag.


His dirty laundry…

The Gobbledygooker.

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Kanes mask…

Fake Kane incoming.

It’ll be dumb for sure, and won’t be a real animal. Wrestler’s are wise to the fact that when you have an animal in your gimmick you will be schlepping that thing around on the road for ages (if it gets over with the fans)

Ex. Damien, Matilda, Frankie


Santino’s Cobra…or Socko
A Furby or another dumb odd mechanical pet
R-Truth dressed up as a budgie…

The disembodied head of Luke Harper…

It’s a Pokemon (preferably Charmander)

I think it’s going to be shit. But the only storyline reason I can think that could to lead to something is if it’s a new, darker firefly funhouse character. Not saying that would be good, but I guarantee it’s better than what the reveal actually is. Honestly I don’t think they have any ideas beyond what they’re doing.

Anything covered up is instantly over.

Don’t y’all know that?

It’ll be the head of Luke Harper’s…he was granted his release on the terms that they can use his likeness for this

Just saw what Rowan’s idea was for the cage was. Got to say, I think it would have worked!

He wanted to bring in the actress that played Ma Petite on American Horror Story, with the story being that he is protecting her from the outside world.