Just curious what everybody’s relationship is with ESPN+. I work in college sports, and ESPN+ is pretty much a “must have” to follow the scene these days.

Unfortunately, we don’t get timely viewership data from our own broadcasts, but our fans - who range from college students to alumni in their 80s - have not complained (as far as I know) about cost, convenience or ease of use.

I live in Canada. Totally irrelevant to me

Had the free trial for a week, and had some terrible streaming issues especially with the original programming like Ariel & The Bad Guy. Decided not to renew it until they work it out.

I dont even look at regular ESPN anymore and havnt for years

I don’t have ESPN+ right now, but have access to ESPN’s live programming through their app. I have been tempted to get ESPN+ though. I’m a big fan of Katie Nolan and watch all the clips ESPN releases of her show on YouTube.

I imagine with the UFC deal I will end up subscribing to ESPN+ at some point this year. I’m a casual UFC fan and only order one or two PPV’s a year. Since the PPV also includes an ESPN+ subscription it will work out well for me.