Euphoria lots of shock

Man anyone watch that show? Boy it makes you not wanna have kids or watch the movie Kids

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The movie Thirteen comes to mind. I’m one episode behind. Show is literally insane

It’s a total mind fuck and also lots of penis lmao

@Brandonfrmnj was that you in episode 4?

Who what character

“Tell me I got a small…”

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Oh come on man that’s foul

You’re right. We should only play dirty on Twitter. Can’t wait to superkick you in Toronto. It’s going to be GLORIOUS

See I’m on the fence now. I feel like I’m gonna get jumped. First you then WH I don’t think the universe is accepting of my tomfoolery

Hahahaha dude I just wanna shake your hand…and where do you think you’re going?

Idk why WH got beef. My beef is with Raul not Brandon

Also when are you going up there? I leave the Friday afternoon

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Are you guys going to POST Wrestling Live? I’m considering going, but don’t really wanna go by myself. So if my brother is able to go, I might go.

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How much is a round trip run for


I’m actually coming in for the BDE tailgate
Liveshow and then leaving before Summerslam.
Not fooling me into 7 hours of a show again!

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