Evan Husney shares that initial concept for Dark Side of the Ring was a single episode about Bruiser Brody

Originally published at Evan Husney shares that initial concept for Dark Side of the Ring was a single episode about Bruiser Brody

Dark Side of the Ring co-creator promotes the new season. 

The fourth season of Dark Side of the Ring on VICE premieres on May 30th. Ahead of the season debut, series co-creator Evan Husney guest appeared on Sports Guys Talking Wrestling

He spoke about the start of the series and shared that originally, Jason Eisener and himself thought they would do a single, feature-length documentary about the late Bruiser Brody. An episode about Brody was a part of season one. 

Not at all (could we have imagined Dark Side of the Ring becoming what it has). When we started putting the idea together for what would be Dark Side of the Ring, I mean, we actually were just focused on making one episode. We actually thought that would be a feature-length documentary about Bruiser Brody. I mean that’s what we kind of started with and that’s all we had in mind was just making this one documentary about Bruiser Brody and I think along the way, as we were developing what that would be and what Viceland at the time, the network wanted, we decided to kind of build it out into a whole series covering a bunch of different stories in the wrestling world and that’s kind of how we got Dark Side of the Ring and of course the first season. But no, never in my wildest imagination would I have thought when we were working on that first episode that it would be something where by the end of this year, we’ll have done 40 episodes of. I never would have thought that plus, notwithstanding all of the spin-offs of course and never would have thought of that. I mean we always thought that the show could exist covering other areas of interest, like once we started to get it going, we’re doing season one into season two, we thought, yeah, comedy, that makes sense and then other areas definitely could make sense for sure.

Later in the conversation, Husney shared that there is a Dark Side adjacent project that he thinks is going to be made. He added that it is not wrestling-related and he cannot say too much about it as of the recording. 

Yes, there is one (documentary) that I really (want to) do and I think we are going to do it. It’s looking very positive and very exciting and it’s outside of the wrestling world. I can’t say what it is right now but, one is coming, okay, so and it may not be under the Dark Side official banner, but it is very closely related. That’s the only thing I can say to tease on that so far but stay tuned for more on that.

POST Wrestling conducted an interview with Husney in 2021. That can be watched at this link

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