EXCLUSIVE: Myron Reed Wants MLW Trios Titles, Talks AAW & TJP

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A new batch of professional wrestlers are making their presences felt in the industry early on in their careers. In their early 20s, there are a handful of athletes that have garnered a great deal of experience and can be seen in some of the top wrestling companies and independent promotions in the business. One of the names that is included in that batch is 22-year old Myron Reed. The Louisville, Kentucky native has made appearances for EVOLVE, the National Wrestling Alliance and has become a fixture in AAW and Major League Wrestling.

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Myron Reed and the first question that was asked of Reed was about his rise to success so early in his career. Reed is aware that there will be doubters and supporters along the way but he is thankful to be in the position that he is in and knows the only way to progress is to avoid complacency.

“Well the crazy thing is you’re gonna have people that respect you and you’re gonna have people that hate on you because you’re doing so much stuff in such a little bit of time, and it’s like the best of both worlds and it’s also bittersweet because you’re at this level and you’re like, ‘What do I have to do to get to the next level?’ So I’m grinding even harder than I was to get to where I’m at now — to get even further. But where I’m at now, I’m very humbled by it, you know what I mean? I thank God everyday. I’m very thankful for the position I’m in and I just got to run with it — can’t be lazy or lackadaisical.”

The AAW promotion based in Illinois has received a plethora of positive reviews from wrestlers who have competed there. Myron Reed is a former tag team champion of the promotion and has seen the likes of Isaiah ‘Swerve’ Scott, Eddie Kingston, Jordan Myles, and many others compete for AAW and he told POST Wrestling that AAW prepares a wrestler for the next level of their career.

“Man, AAW is awesome. Honestly, you know how popular IWA was back in the day and how it was bringing up young talent and all that stuff? It’s pretty much like that but on a higher standard. They’re bringing in guys so if they don’t feel like you got it, you’re not gonna be there. But if you got it, it’s the chance to work with these big stars like Shane Strickland, Trevor Lee, ACH. Like all those guys were there and there’s so many more — Eddie Kingston. So many different guys that on the roster that we can learn from and it pretty much takes you from being a great talent to super-stardom. It pretty much gets you ready for that next level.”

This past May, I spoke with former WWE Cruiserweight Champion TJP about AAW. Around the time of this conversation, TJP’s most recent match with the promotion was against Myron Reed at ‘Take No Prisoners’. TJP had nothing but positive words to say about Reed and Reed returned the favor by stating that the bout with TJP is one of his favorite matches and he was pushed to his limit by the 15 year-plus veteran.

“That’s still to this day, probably my top five favorite matches of all-time. TJP is awesome man. He pretty much pushed me to my limit, made me do more than I usually do pretty much, and from that match on, since that point, I’ve been trying to go crazy every match. Even crazier than I’ve ever went before so he put that drive in me even more. He’s awesome.”

This weekend at Major League Wrestling’s Saturday Night SuperFight pay-per-view, Myron Reed will be in action as he’ll be teaming with his ‘Injustice’ group-mates Jordan Oliver and Kotto Brazil. They’ll be taking on Septimo Dragon, Puma King and Gringo Loco. Much like his comments about AAW, Reed spoke highly of his time in MLW as well. He shared that he has been able to grow as a wrestler and a character in MLW by revealing that he initially came to the promotion to just put on great matches but soon learned that wrestling is far more than what someone can do inside the squared circle. He added that himself, Oliver and Brazil often work on improving their promo skills so when presented with the opportunity, they can shine as best as they can.

“It’s awesome. MLW is also one of those platforms that’s gonna get you exposure, it’s going to help you in front of cameras with your character work. If you ain’t ready to grind, you will be left in the backfield pretty much. You’ll be left in the back. First example: I was going there thinking — when I first started, I was just like, ‘Alright, I’m just going to have killer matches and I’ll be straight’, because I wasn’t really worried about cutting a promo or a character. I was just worried about putting on bangers, and that’s cool and all but what are you gonna do when you got six, seven minutes or whatnot and you gotta get yourself over? What are you going to do? Your cool move? You can’t do everything in five, six minutes. They’re giving us more to run with now. Picking three younger guys that have been there and we’ve all pretty much wrestled each other. We know everything about each other so we’re just in there learning and we’re taking the initiative. When there’s time, we’re just sitting in the back like, ‘Let’s go cut a promo. Can we cut a promo? Can we do something?’ Just trying to push the gimmick and push ourselves as wrestlers.”

Injustice will be looking to make an impression at Saturday Night SuperFight and further build their momentum heading into the next MLW event. One idea that has crossed the minds of the trio is the possibly becoming trios champions. Myron spoke on behalf of the group and feels that they would all love to have the chance to become Six-Man Tag Team Champions and they are surely going to try and press the idea to make it happen.

“It’s something that we’d definitely be interested in. Whatever belt they have — if it’s tag team, we gotta do the free-bird rule or the Injustice rule, we will,” Reed laughed. “That’s just that. It just depends on what we have but we’re gonna definitely push it, press it and try to make sure it happens because I think it’s something that could be dope in MLW. Not a lot of companies have a trios championship.”

POST Wrestling will have full coverage of MLW Saturday Night SuperFight. The audio from this interview with Myron Reed can be heard on the ‘Andrew Thompson Interviews’ YouTube channel. Myron can be found on Twitter @TheBadReed and on Instagram @reeds.world.

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