EXCLUSIVE: WWE taping schedule through SummerSlam

Originally published at https://www.postwrestling.com/2020/07/03/exclusive-wwe-taping-schedule-through-summerslam/

WWE has put together its internal taping schedule through SummerSlam, which POST Wrestling has been able to confirm with the current taping dates through the August pay-per-view.

Following today’s tapings of Raw at the WWE Performance Center, the company will continue to tape brand-specific shows on individual dates with a few exceptions. Obviously, the pay-per-views will necessitate performers from different brands on the same show but there will also be a taping date on Monday, August 17th for the “go-home” episodes of Raw and SmackDown that week going into SummerSlam.

As of now, the current schedule has NXT: TakeOver set for Saturday, August 22nd, and SummerSlam for August 23rd, which were the original dates for the shows. When we inquired about the location of SummerSlam, it was said to be “TBD” with the likely scenario of it being at the Performance Center, but we have not been able to confirm that. There was a hope to have SummerSlam in front of a limited number of fans at a different venue but that may not be possible.

The company was taping episodes of Raw today (Friday) at the Performance Center to air July 6th and July 13th with no more tapings until Wednesday, July 15th when NXT tapes two episodes.

All Raw tapings include episodes of Main Event & Raw Talk and the SmackDown tapings include 205 Live.

Below is the full schedule through August 23rd:

July 15th: NXT episodes to air July 15th and July 22nd

July 17th: SmackDown episode to air July 17th

July 19th: Extreme Rules

July 20th: Raw episodes to air July 20th and July 27th

July 21st: SmackDown episodes to air July 24th and July 31st

July 29th: NXT episodes to air July 29th and August 5th

August 3rd: Raw episodes to air August 3rd and August 10th

August 4th: SmackDown episodes to air August 7th and August 14th

August 12th: NXT episodes to air August 12th and August 19th

August 17th:
Raw episode to air August 17th, SmackDown episode to air August 21st, along with 205 Live/Main Event/Raw Talk

August 22nd: NXT TakeOver

August 23rd: SummerSlam