Extreme Rules 2018 Post Show w/ John Pollock & Wai Ting

Originally published at https://www.postwrestling.com/2018/07/16/extreme-rules-2018-post-show-w-john-pollock-wai-ting/


John Pollock and Wai Ting review WWE Extreme Rules 2018:

Seth Rollins challenges Dolph Ziggler in an Iron Man match, AJ Styles defends the WWE World title against Rusev, Bobby Lashley faces Roman Reigns, Carmella defends her SD women’s title against Asuka in a Shark Cage match, and more.

We also discuss the return of Hulk Hogan to the WWE.

Plus, your Café feedback to the show from the POST Wrestling Forum.

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Regarding the crowd: There is absolutely nothing wrong with them.
Did we call the crowd toddlers when they turn on Roman main event matches?
NOPE! It’s a WWE booking problem.
So why call the crowd toddlers when they turn on Seth/Dolph?

The crowd is responding to what’s being given to them. The 30 minute iron man match with 7 pins in the span of 15 minutes was absolute garbage. A complete and utter burial of your talent especially Seth who is viewed by fans as the ‘next big thing’ in WWE. How would you react if Austin ate 4 quick pins like this to a midcard like Val Venis at the height of the Austin era? Do you think you’d turn on the match just a little? I sure as hell would.

The crowd were RIGHT to express their thoughts on the booking of this match.
Horrendous job on the face of WWE who drastically lowers the credibility of both Seth and Ziggler in just one match. This was by no means the worst wrestling match in 2018 but I firmly believe it was the most harmful match to wrestling careers in WWE in 2018.

Almas vs Sin Cara -> Why put on a worse match on PPV than on Smackdown? Baffling WWE booking at its finest. The only way this works is if the feud continues and leads to another ppv match that’s on the main card.

Sanity vs New Day - Meh. The stipulation ruins the match since going through a table is meaningless. The right team won but I can’t say that Sanity looks or feels credible in victory.

Matt/Wyatt vs B-Team - Very happy with the outcome. Matt/Wyatt continue to have go away heat as everything they do is unbearable to watch. Wyatt has an extrance…Matt has literally nothing. Get them of tv and elevate Rhyno & Slater instead if you can’t think of anyone else. I don’t think WWE will B-Team with respect as champs here…they feel very much transitional but I’m very happy to see they’ve gotten this far. Dallas and Axel deserve this push.

Finn vs Corbin - Disappointing. I feel that Corbin NEEDED a win here as his new character is in line for a strong push right now. Finn is clearly the vastly superior performer but you can pull the trigger on Finn at any time and he’ll do fine. Corbin should have taken advantage of this momentum. Outcome aside the match was nothing special which is also disappointing. I know Corbin isn’t the best wrestler but he’s capable of better than this.

Carmella vs Asuka - Fine I guess. They are booking the heel champion properly but to me the cheating heel who sucks in ring is just not an archetype I can get behind anymore. Nakamura does a solid job at cheating to win while showcasing that he can compete…I’ll take that kind of heel booking over Carmella’s any day. Because of that I doubt I’ll ever get into her title reign. Asuka could really use a winning feud to follow up now…she’s looking a lot like Nakamura after AJ Styles feud right now.

Hardy vs Nakamura - A nothing match for injury reasons. I’m glad Nakamura won as I’m not big on Jeff like many are. Randy coming back as heel is more than welcome…it makes his character less bland.

KO vs Braun - Fine spectacle with the right outcome. KO was never built up to be anything more than a jobber to Braun and so I would have yelled at the booking if this felt even close. The big spot felt too risky for my tastes but I’m glad it was pulled off correctly. Move on from this feud.

Bludgeon Bros vs Hell No - A nothing match for me as I have no attachment to Hell No team (I didn’t watch WWE during their first run). The crowd were into and DB continues to be an awesome performer. I’m very glad the titles didn’t change hands…this was definitely not the time to do it.

Roman vs Lashley - Very good! I’m especially happy that they managed to win over the crowd who wanted nothing more than to bury the match initially. Lashley with the clean win makes him look like legit main event status now as well. Kudos to WWE here…this was far better than I would have expected.

Bliss vs Nia - About as good as it could be I suppose. Both Nia and Bliss lack ring talent which exposes them relative to the rest of the womans division. Nia as face just isn’t work for me to boot. Ronda continues to be awesome but I hate how she was ‘forced’ into this feud in order to make it watchable. Not a good night for the womans division but hopefully we move on to what we know they can deliver from here.

AJ vs Rusev - Not the main event? Seriously? How many times do we have to disrespect that biggest belt in the company while the Universal Title is not being defended? Great match, better than Roman and Lashly and easily the match of the night. I enjoyed the storytelling and even though I really wanted Rusev to win the outcome was highly predictable.
Prediction: AJ drops title to Samoa Joe and if Daniel Bryan resigns with WWE we build towards Joe vs Bryan at WM35.

Dolph vs Seth - An absolute burial of your talent. I can’t remember the last time WWE has buried two people in a single match like this…possibly ever. Ziggler came off as a genuine jobber. Seth only slightly better…but that’s like saying Rhyno looks more credible than Slater in that jobber tag team. The crowd were 100% right to shit on this booking. Anyone who blames the crowd here is being a hypocrite unless you also blame the crowd for when the turn on a Roman main event match. They were reacting properly and appropriate to an absolute trash heap of a match. All I can say is that I’m glad they didn’t kill Drew in the process. Terrible embarrassment of a match that reminds me a lot of how badly Bayley was hurt after her weapons match with Bliss last year. Except match only hurt Bayley’s career where this one hurts both Seth and Ziggler.

Overall: 3/5 average pay per view that actually exceeded expectations.
There was NOTHING going into this ppv and as such it could have easily been the worst event of the year. Thankfully we got some solid wrestling and some pleasantly surprising outcomes. Even the burial of Ziggler/Seth wasn’t performed poorly…it was just a booking disaster. Better than it had any right to be while not being good enough to recommend.

When was the last Iron Man match in WWE that was better than just putting the same performers in a regular 30-minute (or 60-minute) match?

Iron Man matches remind me of the Attitude Era, where you didn’t buy any false finishes until the expected run-in happened. But instead of watching the ramp for the run-in, we’re now just watching the clock (some more vocally than others).

I thought the crowd hijacking was obnoxious, but I don’t blame them. The audience is never wrong. If that large of a portion of the crowd decides to hijack, then it’s because the product gave them a reason to: whether it’s the match itself, the events preceding to the match, or the fact that WWE encourages the crowd to do this crap with the “it actually bothers us, so we’re going to go overboard pretending we like it” routine. I’m not saying that WWE needs to throw out its entire philosophy based on one match, but this was a miss on their part (writing, booking, performers, whoever) that the crowd took a turn in that direction.

You could say the same thing about just about any gimmick match. The purpose is usually always the same which is to allow a feud to continue with a different set of rules. To tell a different story. And that’s where this match failed. Because the story it told is that Rollins and Ziggler are at an equal level.

But I do think the iron-man match is a good gimmick and there have been some really good ones. This just wasn’t one of them.

The thing is those PPV’s are so long and in this one you’re telling them : your main event is going to be 30 minutes long. I would be bored too.

Regarding Hogan:

The WWE audience hasn’t crapped on the Warrior awards in a live event…they won’t crap on Hogan. I would be shocked if Hogan got a remotely mixed reaction should he ever show up on a live TV again.

Having said that…I echo the thoughts of Pollock and Ting here. Hogan used racist comment in a way that was intended to be HURTFUL. There is no context whatsoever where you can give Hogan the benefit of the doubt. He is (or at least was) a Racist.

Rozanne just got her show canceled over something like this to boot and people largely defended the decision…its no surprise to see how the larger public eye feels about racism in 2018.

Having said that I’m personally 100% fine with the following because I firmly believe that a persons mistakes should NOT ERASE HISTORY. I feel this way about Chris Benoit and so of course I’ll extend the same courtesy to Hogan…

Hogan 100% deserves to be recognized in the hall of fame. His history of wrestling should be completely available to watch on WWE Network. It is okay to acknowledge his name on tv as it relates to any upstanding world records he might current hold that are relevant to commentary of a given match.

I personally draw the line on Live TV though. I don’t care what Hogan has done to better himself as a person in the face of the public since this incedent. It is irresponsible to put this man on live tv. He’s had his run…leaving him off tv won’t cause him to go bankrupt and ruin his life and the lives of his family. There’s literally no harm in keeping Hogan out of the spotlight in 2018 onwards. There is ONLY harm in showcasing him on tv in front of a cheering crowd given his very public background.

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Hello! My girlfriend and I were at Extreme Rules last night. Once we realized that Dolph and Seth were the man event, we were both excitedly anticipating the match. We felt that it was great for Dolph to be in the main event,and that he deserved this spot with Seth. We like both wrestlers, so it didn’t even matter to us who won; we just wanted to see an awesome match. We did, for most of it, but the crowd took away from the match more than you could even realize. It made it hard to pay attention to the actual wrestling. It was disappointing to see others disrespect the wrestlers by paying attention to menial things, and therefore neglecting the actual wrestling. By the end, we were fully cheering for Dolph because we wanted to separate ourselves from the Seth Rollins fans who were constantly counting down from 10.
Overall, we enjoyed the rest of the show. We were glad to see Bobby and Roman have a solid match that wasn’t the main event, and were also pleasantly surprised with Rusev/ AJ Styles. We’re not hard to please, so we give it 6 out of 10.