Extreme Rules' new tagline

Seems pretty tone deaf to me.


Tone deaf, yes
Surprising, no.

This is a company that once said “Dismemberment is a corporate liability” just weeks after the killing of a journalist in a Saudi embassy a few weeks before a Saudi PPV.


I don’t know if this is really that tone deaf. If they did a police/jail theme, for sure. If they did some type of apocalypse theme, I get it. Outside of a few on the internet, I dont think “Horror Show” is going to upset too many.

With that said, if it was me I’d probably go with something else.

It may be WWE most Accurate Tagline yet!

as in Don’t watch this horror show we warned you!


@edgehead Love it!

You sure they are not renaming the entire company?


Sounds like they will be filling the card with more “scenes”.

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So… “House of Horrors” is back?
giddy jack

Define tone deaf