Fall Brawl 1993

Just got done watching this ppv on the network and this actually wasn’t too bad! The two best matches on the card were definitely the Steven Regal vs Ricky Steamboat match and the Ric Flair vs Rick Rude match. I never realized Rick Rude ever won a World Title in either organization…it was the WCW International Title so I don’t know if that counts or not. A few questions…

  1. Were the Nasty Boys always that bad in the ring? Maybe seeing them as a kid, I never realized they were that bad but if Paul Roma and Arn Anderson can’t get a good match out of you then you know you’re bad

  2. Who the heck is Charlie Norris and Big Sky?

  3. What was the deal with Animal and Hawk at this time? Animal was the manager for the baby face team during War Games and there was no Hawk. Where was Hawk? Was there some kind of injury angle done here and why didn’t Animal wrestle?

As a side note, that War Games was bad! Were they trying to get Shockmaster over as a main event guy because he was awful in this match!

I remember watching this as a teenager, back then I thought this was a pretty good show.

Now to answer you’re questions

  1. The nasty boys we’re not always bad, it all depends on who they are facing, I recommend watching their match against the Steiners at Halloween havoc 89 or their feud against max Payne and cactus Jack.

  2. Charlie Norris was a native American that wcw just brought in at the time, he wasn’t that good and I thing he lasted 3 or 4 months in the company before they released him as for big sky, he was a jobber guy that use to team with Kevin Nash near the end of Nash run as vinnie vegas. He became a pretty decent movie star after leaving wrestling with role in x men as saber tooth and the Halloween remakes as Michael Myers.

  3. At the time, I think that hawk and animal was in some sort of real life feud and hawk went to Japan to team with kensuke sasake and animal went to wcw. He was suppose to be wrestling but got injured and they use him as a manager. They didn’t do any injury angle at the time, he just got put in the manager without any explanation.

Also at the time, the international title counted as a world title because it was the nwa title that got rename because wcw decided to split from the nwa again and keep the title.

I agree with you, looking at it today the war games match wasn’t the best one, the shockmaster was suppose to be a big star before the whole flair 4 the gold debacle, then since they already had put him in the match, they decided to have him go over in the match. After this, he became a undergrad guy for a few months and disappear from tv in early 94.

The Nasty Boys could put on some great matches when put in with bruisers & brawlers with relaxed rules in place. It was just rare for that to happen in their careers.
As for the Road Warriors, the story going around is that after Summerslam 92 Hawk just left wrestling and Animal had to finish out their contracts in handicap matches leading to him getting injured against the Beverly Brothers. Hawk returned to wrestling in Japan and Animal was pissed at him. I’m pretty sure Animal’s in ring work was very limited for a long time, I’m actually thinking he didn’t return to the ring till 96 in WCW with Hawk as his back injury was so bad.