With action heating up in the “Comics” thread, I was wondering if anyone on the list collected or collects FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND???

My collection consists of issues ##1 to 30, all 10 annuals, and a number of issues that I just happened to like, i.e. one is the cover with the frog with the guy’s hand hanging out of its mouth. lol

I’ll start off by posting photos of a few of the earliest issues in my collection.

FM #1 United States Edition

FM #1 U.K. Edition

FM #2 United States Edition

FM #2 U.K. Edition

FM #3

FM ##1 and 2 were the only issues printed both in the United States and outside the U.S., i.e. in the United Kingdom. After #2 issues of FM that were sold in the U.K. were printed in the U.S. They were stamped with a British price, "2’ 6,"in a circle near the top of the magazine. See photo of FM #3. Most copies sold in Europe were from the U.K. and had the British circular stamp on the cover.