Fans of the Monday Night Messiah gimmick, what do you like about it?

I don’t really watch raw anymore, but what I’ve caught of Rollins’ work has mostly made me laugh or groan. John and Wai aren’t feeling it, but the IWC seems to be. What are us mom-believers missing?

I thought it’s kind of silly, but I think Seth Rollins is the only one in this world that can perfect it.

He does make me laugh too. It’s comparable to Bray Wyatt\s earlier work, except Rollins doesn’t use gibberish and can talk plainly, almost too plainly.

What do you mean by “this world”? No fans?

You are a positive person than. He makes me skip everything when I see his face, no matter who’s he up against - his race with Corbin for the GROAN Championship is real.

Just my opinion, kliq.

partci: maybe I am. :slight_smile:

Now, allow me to jump on my super mattress and do DX crotch signs. :slight_smile:

In all serious though, I think I like Rollins’s new gimmick.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the gimmick. It’s just that Seth Rollins can’t act or talk well enough to enhance the character. The scripting doesn’t do anyone any favours either but Rollins just isn’t the right person for the role


Who is?

I think Rollins fits fine considering that he never done this kind of stuff before.

I get it’s your opinion, I just don’t fully understand what you mean by “this world”.

I mean nothing negative, I’m just wondering if by “this world” you mean specifically to raw with no fans, or just in general as in the wrestling world.

I think Rollins is a good speaker, but he’s not a great actor. This type of role takes a good actor.

I loved the promo he did week one where he talked about how the fans turned on him, I would have loved the character to be more among those lines.

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The character sucks

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I’m hearing this exact same promo from various wrestlers in WWE at least bi-monthly, so excuse me for not giving a F*%@, but to be fair it was his best since he turned into this gimmick. Next week it went overboard in the wrong direction.

Maybe it’s too much of a hyperbole by saying “the world.”

I’m a king of hyperboles and generalisations.

If that bothers you, I apologise.

Ya, the following week I believe it went towards the “messiah” character.

Who else has done this type of promo recently though? Sami did something over a year ago, but off the top of my head I can’t think of anyone else.

No worries man, truthfully I wasn’t upset or offended at all. I wanted to add to the conversation but I didn’t want to misrepresent what you meant.

Well, recently it will be hard to complain about that. :joy:

But draw a name from a bucket of WWE names and the chances are the wrestler had cut that promo at least once in his career.

It is a promo that has been done multiple times before, I’ll give you that.

All this time with the gimmick and the recruiting of new guys in his stable, the stable has yet to have a name!

I remember though that Tom Phillips or Byron Saxton called it “Symbols of Progress,” but the name hasn’t yet been stuck. Is that fashionable now? Stables without names?

Just curious: did Akam and Rezar get released? I haven’t seen them lately.

Sorry Paul, the post had nothing to do with your comment. I must have hit the wrong key and now I can’t, for the life of me, take out the name. Just disregard; my fingers are too fat.

One of the AOP is injured I believe.

As to the original question: does the IWC like the gimmick? I think they did originally when it was less cultish and less literal on the Jesus angle. He does fine with the idea of having a stable and that he is going to save RAW because he is the best, saved the titke from Brock before etc. He is less interesting as an actual savior figure.

100% agree. This is one of my biggest gripes with WWE main roster, I hate when they put guys together and don’t give them a tag team name, stable name etc. It feels like it’s just 3 random dudes together. Contrast that with the undisputed era.

I have the same issue with Alexander and riccochet.

And ya, Rezar (big one) tore his bicep.

Another injury? Vince can’t be happy about that.

I commend kliq for pointing out my error: I left out CM Punk and his Straight Edge Society gimmick with Serena and Doc Gallows. That was classic, especially when CM Punk goes on the mic in that Royal Rumble match and talks every time he eliminates someon. Too bad he’s not wrestllng anymore.