Fantastica Mania

Anybody watching this? The matches are fresh and fun, to me anyway, but i struggle with no english commentary.
The substitute music is a rib, right?

The substitute/muting music used to be way more prevelant, even only a year ago for a lot of the New Japan roster. Luckily they got that all sorted out for everyone a couple months back, except for Makabe, cause you’re never gonna get the right for Immigrnt Song, not even if it’s a cover of it.

Now for the CMLL wrestlers it’s a different story. In Mexico they legit do not care about rights so most of them have actual popular songs as their themes, which somehow works out for them there. However Japan, like most countries, actually care about rights, so when CMLL comes to New Japan for their yearly tour there, they have to mute their normal themes or replace them with generic biddle music on their streams/tv shows.

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Oh yeah i know how it works, just meant the particular tune they picked for EVERY CMLL guy. It’s comical.

Oh for sure, that track was mad goofy. I heard it so much throughout the stream that I just forgot it was there eventually haha

As someone who’s been giving the CMLL YouTube channel a look since the New Year, it’s given me a whole new appreciation for the Fantastica Mania concept. Pretty much every match in CMLL is best of three falls, that’s just the way it works and I’m cool with it but it took a little getting used to and it’s really nice to see straight-forward, one fall to a finish matches with guys I’ve started to appreciate through a different kind of lense.

I’ve only watched the first show so far but I’ll hopefully get to the rest of them in the next couple of days.

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I wish I had more time to check out other promotions in depth but unfortunately that’s how it is for me. Also, the show from this morning is the one I’ve enjoyed the most out of these cards. Probably helps that I now recognize some of the CMLL guys I didnt know of before after watching the other two shows.

Totally agree, by the third show i had more idea who i was watching and what their deal was.