Fantasy book until WM - can you do it better than VKM?

Everyone loves to complain about WWE lately. So let’s see if we can plan upto WM and then compare against what they do. Can you beat VKM?

Focus on the 2 major Men and Women’s titles (held by lesnar/Seth/Bayley/Becky) and any other special matches you want. Try to give broad angles and make sure to include RR in there.

Here I gi

Crown jewel: Brock and Cain goto DQ, Seth beats Bray due to interference from UT

SS - bray vs UT with Bray winning and Brock vs Seth where Brock wins. Becky va Bayley where Becky wins.

RR- Brock vs Cain rematch where a Brock wins after Strowman interferes. Seth fights and beats Randy Orton. RR comes down to Bryan and Bray and Bray wins. Becky fights Charlotte and wins. Bayley beats Carmella. Women’s RR is won by Baszler.

Road to WM - bray picks Brock to face. Cain and Stro continue fued. EC is set up with 2 Smackdown and 3 Raw guys. It comes down to Roman and Bryan and Bryan wins. Women’s EC comes down to Charlotte and Banks and Banks wins after Bayley interferes

Baszler announces she wants Becky. Duke and marianna beat up Becky so she retaliates and cleans house injuring both and asking Baszler what else she has. She is jumped by returning Rousey who will be in Baslzers corner.

Bayley says she and Banks won’t wrestle at WM bc they are friends. Banks doesn’t like this and questions it so Bayley beats her down.


Brock vs Bray - Bray wins

Seth vs Bryan - Bryan is about to win runt Regins interferes and givens win to Seth. Him
And Seth go heel

Bayley vs Banks - Banks wins title

Becky vs Baszler - Baszler wins after Rousey costs Becky the title

Strowman vs Cain - Cain wins

Your thoughts on this or your own ideas?

So this is what we would like to happen right ?

I would like Vince to retire and then we go from here.


I just know I want Seth away from the title picture. He’s getting on my nerves and it’s not his fault, it’s what he’s being given.

Good ideas but to me there’s too many finishes with interference and DQs.

I think they need to have a surprise winner in the Rumble. Ricochet? Black? Even a guy like Joe.

I think Joe is dead now. Unless the crowd pushes him like Kofi he’s just lost so many big matches after talking smack that he’s taken a hit.

I think of what I picked I am pretty certain these happen in order:

  1. Brock vs Bray - basically has to happen to get Bray as biggest star

  2. Seth vs Bryan +/- Reigns - how Roman figures in is the question. 3 way? Or does Roman help one or the other win? But it’s the only logical way to end the Roman and Bryan thing with Seth being involved bc he has the title and his ties to Roman

  3. Bayley vs Banks - no one else really on Smackdown

  4. Becky vs Baszler - this all hinges on Ronda. HHH said Ronda will be back. Becky vs Charlotte seems lame again. I feel like if Ronda is back it will be to corner Baszler someone agaisnt Becky and screw over Becky. But I’m not sure she is back apart from what HHH said. She could even just show up unannounced at WM and cost Becky the title.

An outside chance is done 4 horsewomen match with both titles on the line but they did something like that last year and I don’t see it again.

I’ll get around to this but your book has some issues Roman and Bryan are not on RAW and so cannot be booked with Seth unless we break the brand split once again. I’ll probably just do Raw when I do this though as the draft killed Smackdown

Yeah but with the rumble and EC you can do that. I can’t see WM being Seth vs bray again. It could be just Roman vs Bryan but you somehow need a title in there I think

EC doesn’t typically cross brand it usually decides the challenger for the other brand, and I’m not sure if they will do that with the rumble this year either. Prior years the “draft” has been almost 8 months before the Rumble, now it is 3. So I just don’t see them doing cross brand stuff.

I guess in my fantasy booking, VKM would have booked him better in the first place.

Having said that, most people can be rehabbed coming back from time off. Shave his head and book him as the badass all the crowd chanting “Joe Joe Joe” wants him to he and it can work.

I think baby face joe has a chance. Monster heel joe is done for now.

SO finally getting back to this sitting down with the “new” rosters. Honestly if I were fantasy booking I would have liked to start prior to the draft because the SD roster is frankly terrible. But here it goes

Crown Jewel(need to get through this): Brock Retains - this match shouldn’t have the title involved but it does and Cain isn’t ready to be champion. Seth Retains - Fiend is on SD and we need a champ on both brands. Team Hogan vs Team Flair - Lashley and Rusev Eliminate each other fighting to the back, Team flair wins with McIntyre as sole survivor pinning Reigns. Braun wins (he won’t in reality but if I’m booking i wouldn’t have the match in the first place)

SS: we do the brand vs brand stuff, Brock beats Rollins, Becky Beats Bayley, 5 on 5 mens match is New Day, Reigns and Bryan vs The OC, MCintyre and Andrade. makes the winning Pin on Bryan, after a Claymore from Drew

TLC: Becky Beats Charlotte in aTLC Match is attacked post match by Shayna who “injures” her, Bayley retains her title against Alexa in a tables match. Roman Reigns wins the IC title in a 5 man Ladder match with Shisuke, Kofi, Corbin, and Gable. Sasha and Bayley defeat the Kabuki warriors for the womens tag titles then throw the titles in the trash. Seth Rollins loses title to Drew.

Becky is forced to Reliquish her title

RR: Bayley defeats Carmella, A returning Ember Moon wins the women’s Rumble from the 2nd position. Drew Beats Rollins again. Kofi gets his rematch with Brock, gets pummled and submitted in the Kimura lock, New day Run out to help Kofi and are able to fend off Brock. Kofi is stretchered out Big E wins the Mens Rumble in honor of Kofi. 5 way for Raw women’s title, with the Kabuki warriors, Charlotte, Natalya, and Shayna, Shayna wins.

Ember challengers Bayley, Big E wants Brock

EC: For the Right to challenge for the Universal title, Andrade, Riccochet, Aleister Black, Buddy Murphy, Kevin Owens, Randy Orton. Have Black go over. Shayna beats Charlotte. Bayley beats Mandy Rose. Drew defeats Rusev.

Becky Returns
your WM card at the top
Becky Vs Shayna
Bayley vs Ember Moon
Brock vs Big E
Drew Vs Alister Black

All of this would necessitate good promos by all, and angles on TV being booked to get to this point.

It’s not fantasy booking but

If it was just me, I would have every wrestler on raw and smackdown (male and female) belonging to one of two factions : heels and babyfaces (not called like that). And from there, you could have some cracks in each faction. It would give more importance and sense to survivor series. It’s like World of Warcraft, are you horde or alliance ? And every person in the audience would identify to one side. But the babyfaces would have to be booked in a clever, heroic way (not what we see at the moment).

The Fiend vs Willow in every main event going through all gimmick matches until mania when it is a 60 minute iron man match. The loser unmasks. Let’s get it done.