Fantasy booking for the 24/7 title on tomorrow's RAW.

Man, there’s a lot to play with for the 24/7 title tomorrow night.

I’d book the title like this:

[Segment 1]

  • R-Truth and Carmella run into SID back stage.

  • SID grabs him, pushes him against the wall and screams/whispers: “I AM THE MASTER AND RULER of the world.” Hits him with a forearm and lets him drop to the floor.

  • SID walks away without pinning him. R-Truth is unconscious. Carmella runs for help.

[Segment 2]

  • R-Truth is in a different dark room. Carmella is still gone. The Boogyman confronts him. (R-Truth calls The Boogyman Bastion Booger.) Boogyman blows smoke in his face and beats him up dripping worms on him.

  • The Boogyman disappears - it was a dream.

  • We see Hardcore Holly standing over him.

-Hardcore asks a passing referee what that stupid looking belt is.

  • After learning about the 24/7 championship. Hardcore Holly pins him becoming the new 24/7 champ.

[Segment 3]

  • Carmella comes with an EMT.

-R-Truth says that he feels like he was in a car crash.

-Hardcore Holly walks through the halls and is confronted my Drake Maverick. Holly calls him a “Tiny Potato and to lay off the carbs” and walks on. He passes a doorway leading to the APA playing poker.

[Segment 4]

  • Hardcore is playing poker. The poker game also has the APA, Hacksaw Jim Dugan, the Godfather, Broken Matt Hardy, and Road Dogg.

  • Drake Maverick joins the poker game putting down his wedding ring as a bet.

[Segment 5]

  • Drake is losing badly. But he really wants the 24/7 title so he bets his wedding ring. Holly puts up the title. Farooq wins the hand and becomes the new 24/7 champ. Farooq now has both the title and Drake’s wedding ring.

  • The Godfather’s hoes come in and start dancing around the table. We see GTV recording the girls dancing around Drake.

  • The game ends. Drake has to explain to his wife why he doesn’t have his wedding ring.

[Segment 6 (Final Segment)]

  • APA are closing up shop when R-Truth knocks on the doorframe. Truth asks them if they’ve seen the European championship.

  • Farooq says “Yeah, what’s it worth to you?” R-Truth pulls out a $50 and says “About $10”.

  • Bradshaw says that $50 is enough to get another case of beer.

  • Farooq sells the belt back to R-Truth.


They can have some fun with that title. One thing I want, that I’ve always wanted from one of these shows…I want someone to take out a bunch of legends. Build up someone throughout the show, by just beating the shit out of a bunch of them and end the show with a big time heel coming out of it.

Does anyone ever see this getting so absurd they have a pregnant Maria Kanellis win it? She technically wouldn’t have to take a bump. She can pin a guy while he is down and out. They can have her lose it similar to how Jinder lost it on the plane where someone pins her while she is sleeping. Or maybe have her get rolled up very safely. It would be similar movements to her getting out of bed in the morning.

Look at the Ironman Heavymetalweight Championship in DDT. A ladder won the title, twice and a chair three times among others.

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That actually sounds amazingly hilarious.