Fantasy Booking: Interpromotional Survivor Series

Since it’s Survivor Series season and brand supremacy is decided I’m curious to hear everyone’s picks on a dream interpromotional/co-organization card.

Here are the booking rules:

  • Pick 3 current wrestling promtion rosters (All WWE brands are separate promotions)(All wrestlers must be listed on official site and wrestled a match for the promotion in last 365 days.)

  • No match can have the same wrestler twice.

  • 6 man ladder match for a World Title match (2 men from each show)

  • 5 v 5 v 5 elimination match (men or women)

  • Triangle Tag (All 3 teams must be recognized as tag team or faction on their show)

  • Legends Live Forever 3 way dance (1 former top champion or hall of famer, not currently on an active roster, in their prime)

  • Overworked and Underpaid Triple Threat (The most underrated wrestler from each promotion to never win a top title)

  • Top Guys Match (Your favorite wrestler from each show)