Fantasy Wrestling Rumble is back

Hi guys,

After an extended hiatus, Fantasy Wrestling Rumble is returning. I’m bringing back the website for a new season starting on November 11 and ending the week after Royal Rumble (12 gameweeks total).

For anyone new FWR is fantasy sports website centered around WWE live shows. Some quick summary of what’s the game like (you can find more in the rules section on the website):

  • Pick a roster of 8 wrestlers within a limited budget. 3 of them are appointed as main eventers receiving more points.
  • Make changes to your roster and draft wrestlers each gameweek.
  • Points are received for PPVs, Raw, SmackDown and 205Live. I have tried to make the scoring in such a way, that the most featured and top wrestlers receive the most points. Points are awarded not only for matches, but also for angles happening on the shows, based on the wrestlers role in them.
  • You can crate and join private leagues to compete with your friends.

I hope you guys will give it a try and like it.

P.S I’ve created a POST Wrestling league , you can join with code: 1PZcy-fcTQP-vDPvL


Hi there. I’ve seen WWE shut down fantasy game sites before pretty quickly for using their IP. Have you had any issues with WWE before?

I just don’t want to spend time and energy on a game that would be shut down after a couple of weeks.

The site was running for two months, some moths ago in somewhat of a beta version. I have not put any effort in promoting it, so it was not some kind of a big deal (around 400-500 users). Never heard of someone of WWE or had any issues. I actually tried to contact them to ask for permission but didn’t receive any answer. I purposely don’t use any images in the site, but know names are also trademarks and can be an issue. Hope everything will be ok.