Favorite GSP fights?

Ariel Helwani has just confirmed that Georges St-Pierre will officially retire from mixed martial arts. What has been your favorite GSP fights. What a career he had.

Both BJ Penn fights.
The Josh Koscheck rematch.
Michael Bisping.

Aside from Johny Hendricks, there weren’t very many competitive fights during GSP’s second title reign, and it really speaks to his greatness that he beat arguably the toughest competition ever as dominantly as he did. He brutally avenged both of his losses, retired on one of the longest winning streaks in UFC history, and became a 2 division champion. In my eyes, he is without a doubt the greatest to ever do it.

The fight with Jon Fitch at UFC 87 made me fall in love with MMA as a kid. Great competitiveness.


It wasn’t that competitive lol I remember scorecards of 50-43 in that fight. Definitely a great performance from Georges though. And no one can question the toughness of Fitch, who ate some shots that no man should be able to recover from. At the beginning of round 3 he eats one of the hardest right hands I’ve ever seen that didn’t finish a fight.

The first title win against Matt Hughes.

I watched that fight at a local pub. It was at capacity and they were turning people away at the door, something I had never seen at that pub. I also remember a friend being very frustrated as he wanted to watch the Manny Pacquiao vs. Erik Morales fight that night and absolutely no place was showing it. Every venue in Canada knew that GSP was the focus that night.

There was a nervous tension all night leading up to that fight. Once it started, we were hanging on every movement. Every jab was accompanied by a cheer. Every hit taken was met with the sound of everyone holding their breath. We thought it was over at the end of the first round when Hughes was saved by the bell. When GSP landed that head kick in the second, the place came unglued. A few seconds later the fight was stopped and the celebration began. I remember jumping around and getting hugged by total strangers as the waitresses took cover in the kitchen. The only celebration I can even compare it to was Canada winning the Olympic gold medal in Hockey. That fight will stay with me as my favourite moment in MMA.

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That’s a fantastic story. I’m not sure everyone in other countries understand the extent that Georges is loved here. I go to most of the cards at the same sports bar, and the turnout for St Pierre/Bisping dwarfed even the biggest Conor fights. And when Georges got the finish, it’s like you said, the only thing comparable was Canada winning the Gold in hockey.

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The match that stuck to me the most was GSP vs Koschek. It was the perfect finale to their season of TUF as Koschek was such a massive dick on that show. I wanted nothing more to see his face get beaten in and that was exactly what happened. Koschek was the perfect heel to GSP, who was always a class act and amazing dude. I will definetely miss the classiness he brought to the sport. Now a days guys use cheap tactics to get over and don’t let their fighting abilities do the talking.

All of them!

The second Hughes was my fave if I have to choose.