Favorite NXT Takeover Specials

I think Takeover Brooklyn from 2015 still holds up as one of the best. The card was solid and I think that show has been forgotten. It was the peak of NXT in my opinion, even though it’s had big Independent and International signings since then. NXT was at a different level at that point as it had so much buzz.

For me its either Takeover Dallas, or Takeover London. Thought both shows were just tremendous. Takeover Toronto gets honorable mention

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My wife and I were two of the very lucky 9000 or so that were at Takeover Dallas. By far the greatest wrestling show I’ve ever been too and one of the best I’ve ever seen. Every match was phenomenal and the intimate arena combined with the crazy crowd created the perfect atmosphere.

Im not a huge fan of the recent trend to hold takeovers in NBA arenas. They certainly lose the uniqueness of other venues, even though the shows have still been great.

After Dallas, my favorite Takeover was Evolution when Sami Zayn finally won the NXT championship only to be betrayed by Kevin Owens. That match was a 5 star classic and the culmination of Samis entire career in NXT to that point.

Absolutely the first Barclays show, followed by Dallas.

Is all of them an option? They’re all so good! I got back into wrestling in part because of Takeover!

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Its crazy that I’ve loved all of them almost equally and could go back and watch them and not dread a single match. I loved London as the crowd was next level. Brooklyn I and War Games was awesome. Also some of the Full Sail shows still hold up great

Has there been one you haven’t enjoyed?

All the rTakeover show are great but my favorites are Takeover: Toronto and Brooklyn I.

It has to be the first Brooklyn show. You had Jushin Liger there, the main event ladder match was very good, the tag title match is criminally overshadowed and the incredible Sasha/Bayley match.

NXT Takeover [R]evolution holds a pretty high and special place in my heart. The first time I saw Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn really wrestle matches. It’s what propelled my journey into the independent scene. Also that had a really good Charlotte vs Sasha Banks match. ALSO was Finn’s first NXT match I believe.