favorite royal rumble match

since their already a worst rumble thread open, why not have a more positive thread and talk about our favorite rumble matches.

I pretty much grew up on the royal rumble my first event that i saw on coliseum home video was the 89 rumble which i still own the BETA tape copy. So to say that this is my favorite event every year is a understatement

So 89 as i very special place in my heart since it was the first one that i saw, 90 was a really cool one as well since it planted to seed for the hogan/warrior match but i have to go with 92 as my favorite, really a perfect example on how to tell a simple story with this match and Flair performance in that match plus heenan’s commentary throughout made that match.

So honorable mention also go to the 94, 2004 & 2017 men rumble.

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The Rumbles at MSG stick out in my mind.
Forget the years but Cena’s surprise return and The Rock holding on while Big Show went over the rope.

The latter led to a great Rock moment recently when he was walking and talking in the back on one of his returns and he told Big Show his feed did hit first.


The one The Rock won was 2000, same night as Triple H vs. Cactus Jack, and Hardys vs. Dudleys in a Table Match The one where Cena returned and won was 2008.

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Same for me. I watched it well after the fact but still really enjoyed it. Great story, great commentary, LOADED field of wrestlers.

2010 had that fun stretch early with Punk on the mic with the ring largely to himself, the story with Michael’s and his need to win, plus the surprise return and win by Edge. I thought last year’s in Philadelphia with Nakamura winning was quite fun as well.

I generally love Rumble matches, especially when watching them in a party setting.

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Personal favorite would be the 2005 one specifically for the ending with Batista and Cena.

I don’t know what my favourite Rumble is, but I do know my favourite Rumble moment was the Hogan-Warrior showdown during the 1990 Rumble. So I guess I’ll just go with that as my favourite then.

I think the 2008 rumble is on top. 1992 for obvious reasons too. Honestly thought 2014 was one of the better ones until it was discovered Daniel Bryan wasnt in it. Went from one of the best to a laugher.

The ending of 2007 Rumble is hands down the best final two showdown by a mile.

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When does this turn into the “well that one wasn’t very good” debate?

Always seems like it always turns into that, even if someone asked what was your favourite and not what should be the considered the greatest.

2001 was really fun. 1993 will have a soft spot for me since it’s the first wrestling VHS tape I owned, and the first Rumble event I ever saw.

What about favourite matches from past Royal Rumble ppvs off the top of my head I’m going:

3: Brock Lesnar vs Seth Rollins vs John Cena (Royal Rumble,2015)

2: Kurt Angle vs Chris Benoit (Royal Rumble 2003)

1: Triple H vs Cactus Jack ( Royal Rumble,2000)

Has to be 92 for me, I can re-watch that match and always enjoy it. Just the performances, the names involved and Heenan on commentary. I do also like 2001, thought it was a great match during the companies peak years.