Favorite Wrestlemania, favorite WM match, etc

I’ve seen a lot of excitement for this years wrestlemania and just wrestlemania season in general on the board. So what’s everyone’s…

  1. Favorite wrestlemania top to bottom
  2. Favorite wrestlemania match
  3. Favorite wrestlemania moment (if it’s not a match)
  4. Favorite wrestlemania promo package

Feel free to add more questions about wrestlemania if you have any good ones.

  1. 17
  2. HBK/Taker 2
  3. Hogan saving Eugene from Muhammad Hassan
  4. Taker/HBK 2 and My Way
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  1. 6
  2. Ultimate warrior vs hulk Hogan
  3. Macho man reunites with miss Elizabeth
  4. HHH vs taker 3
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  1. 19
  2. Punk vs. Taker
  3. Macho with Liz after winning the title at Mania 4
  4. My Way video for Rock/Austin