Favourite Canadian Indies

Being in the middle of this frozen country, I was wondering what peoples favorite Canadian indies are? The local indies I have are pretty mediocre (HIW, Ringside), been enjoying what Canadian Wrestling Elite has been bringing through Saskatoon. Is their companies that I should be looking out for?

I remember Quebec being absolutely amazing in the mid 2000s. Always been fond of ECCW in the west too. Apparently Alberta’s good too but there’s not a ton of actual video pumping out of the territory.

SMASH and IWS are the big ones that spring to mind.

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Smash and Destiny, but I don’t think they ever have shows outside of Ontario. Like everything Saskatoon, its a really great city, but fuck is it ever hard to get to. I’d think indie companies/wrestlers based out of Winnipeg or Calgary would make it your way once in a while?

Wait… is TNA considered a Canadian indie yet?

Quebec still is. NSPW in Quebec City deliver rock-solid shows every month with numerous top indie talents visiting every year. Some have even chosen to be regulars at one point. Before he signed with WWE, Johnny Gargano was a regular for a full year. Now, it seems like Tyson Dux is doing the same. NCW in Montreal is about to celebrate their 26th Challengemania event later this year. They’ve been around for about 30 years. They’re the longest Quebec indy in existence.

I don’t live in Canada, but the best indies for me there are SMASH, Alpha-1, C*4 and ECCW.

There’s a whole load of C*4 shows on Powerbomb TV and they look great. Any recommendations?

All Star Wrestling in Surrey, BC announced tonight the main event for their March 3rd show…Davey Boy Smith Jr vs “Filthy” Tom Lawler.

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Look at the lineups and see if there’s anyone you like against each other, and go with those shows.