Favourite ever review a wai episode?

Just wondering what people’s favourite review a wai shows were? for me it was always any wcw shows from 1999 to 2000 just to hear Wai die a little inside during each review. Wcw uncensored 1995 that was another classic review with the infamous king of the road match.

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There’s an episode where they review a TNA show ( I think) and John trots out his ‘Low-Ki in porn’ impression and uttered the infamous line, “Open your mouth”.

I swear, I had to stop the car at the nearest safe space so I could calm down from laughing so much.

So yeah, whatever episode that is, that’s my favorite.

On the of chance that it’s a Review-An-Impact or something, my second choice is…I don’t know, any WCW or TNA review. There’ so much good stuff to choose from.


The Viagra on a pole match review of WCW is still by far the best thing I’ve ever heard them review. I still laugh out loud whenever I listen to it, and I’ve heard it quite a bit. Also Superbrawl 2000 because Tank and Big Al :joy:

YES! That is the greatest match I’ve ever heard them review Tank Abbott vs Big Al leather jacket on a pole match


So many great ones that it’s hard to narrow it down. But one of my absolute favorites is the review of the WWF/E Originals CD Review. The songs are so cheesy,but hilarious as all hell. (I DON’T…SUCK!) Especially the end when they “Rap” over the R Truth theme. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed as hard at a Review than that episode.

There’s a ton but I really liked the Clash of Champions 28 review. It’s just when they think about what a Hogan hotline would be like today and John does his Hulk impression “Brother sign a prenup” “Always check the bedroom for cameras brother”.

The bad show reviews are always the best ones. Uncensored 95 and Superclash 3 are my two favorites that immediately come to mind.

Total dark horse and not technically RaW, but there was also a Review an Impact they did some time in April or May of 2011 where Mr. Anderson brought out his high school math teacher to start the show. John legitimately spent 15+ minutes burying this one segment. I would kill to hear this rant again, as I think it was the funniest thing John has ever said on a podcast.

The one where they fought about the wallet being left at a grocery store.


I really wish I remembered the exact show but it was after Sheamus beat down Daniel Bryan early in his run and Pollock was ranting about his release if they were gonna treat him like that.

Clash of the Champions XIII with guest co-host Jordan Breen. Jordan Breen’s reactions to Jim Herd era WCW was hilarious

The original Heroes of Wrestling review was classic. As far as a quality show goes I really loved their MITB 2011 review. Man I wish they got their old Review-A-Wai reviews back so we could listen to them again. Oh well.

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The ones that come to mind are the 3hr WCW Reboot Nitro, I just remember John fuming for the entire show and Wai trying to calm him.

Another would be the Backyard Wrestling Federation review because it was so so damn entertaining and funny.

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I’m miles behind on review a wai, only up to June 2014 as i discovered it late and like to watch each show before listening to the review. I have no trouble downloading each show, i go to the proboards main menu and find it in the list. For instance at the moment the shows i need are on page 40 of the podcast and feedback threads. I keep hearing that the links are all dead so thought i’d give this loophole route for the shows.

Anytime John gets into the WWE numbering system it cracks me up everytime.


I’m particularly fond of the Backyard Wrestling one as I submitted some feedback that made John unable to read it in one sitting as he kept laughing.

Humble brag.


Just remembered another classic review a wai episode with Al Wilson & Dawn Marie hilarious


I never actually finished it, but…does the Heroes of Wrestling watch-along episode count?

Original Heroes of Wrestling was my favourite but there have been loads!

The Nitro review from July 1999. Wai was so depressed and John was getting such a kick out of it. I wish they review that episode again.

YES. Wai was SO upset about having to watch this, and the domestic violence angle with Savage, Tori, and Gorgeous George. The opening segment was a great Sid promo: “You’ve messed with this mind’s man!!” I still go back and listen to some of these reviews, but most of the older links are dead now.

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