Favourite ring announcers.

I’ve been going through some OSW reviews and have just listened to Vince McMahon’s opening to Survivor Series 1990. It made me think about my favourite ring announcers. I have to say I’m currently a big fan of ICW’s Simon Cassidy and Jim Smallman from Progress, think both have a great manner when they announce the wrestlers and they add importance.
I also won’t lie and say I enjoyed Michael Buffer in WCW, I know he became famous for messing up some calls and over doing it but he had a hell of a voice. And speaking of which, I have to give a nod to the Fink as well.

Howard Finkel… End of story.


Lillian Garcia…

…said nobody, ever

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Howard Finkel indeed, and Brandi Rhodes for some reason.

Howard finkel was my all time favorite but i got to give a shoot out to gary michael cappetta who was also a awesome ring annoucers especially the NWA and WCW and also Tony chimel. They way Tony would introduce Edge was just awesome to the point that he’s still introduce him every time Edge appears on tv.

It has to be Finkel. I liked the old wwf guy from the 70s, He announced names with the microphone that dropped from the ceiling. I dont remember his name.

Howard Finkel will always be the GOAT to me.

GMC was the GOAT for fans South of the Mason-Dixon line.

Fink was cool, Buffer always brought a big fight feel to a match, and Borash was also really good in TNA. :100: